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Muokattu 20. joulukuu 2022

After extensive research on the membership app options for Shopify, I decided to go with Simplee Memberships. Even though Shopify is not designed for a membership site, Simplee has created an excellent app to make it work.
Once we got started setting it up, the Simplee team did all the heavy lifting for me. I told them what I needed and because it was a complex setup (at least for me), they set it up for me. The customer service has been outstanding and the Simplee team was patient with my requests as we had to use some trial and error to get it like I wanted.
I am early in the process of scaling my membership site so It is too soon to comment on the ease of functionality once members are enrolled. However, I am anticipating it will be as smooth as the setup based on my experience so far.
If you are on the fence with which Shopify membership plugin to use, I highly recommend you go with Simplee Memberships. I have worked online for 10 years and the support team behind an app may not seem important, but trust me, when you need them it is more important than the functionality of the app itself. If you are ever stuck or an app quits working and the support team is no where to be found, you will wish you hadn't made your choice based on price or some other option you thought you needed.
The exciting thing about Simplee is they offer a great price, top functionality options, AND the support to back it up when you need them.

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15. syyskuu 2023

Chris helped me with question after wild question as I scrambled to build a business from scratch. If I was trying to do something funky, he quickly gamed it out and came up with ways I could manage it. Then he led me to some example stores that allowed me to take a step back and reassess my design and marketing in a way that helped me create a better product presentation page. Great app - great customer service.

The bearded fella also helped me with some widget customization but I can't recall his name. Hopefully he gets wind of how much his help was appreciated.

Muses Reverie
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14. joulukuu 2022

I highly recommend this app!! I tried out several membership apps prior to finding Simplee Memberships. I sell digital downloads and needed a membership program that would easily allow members to be able to download items that are included with their plan. This app was very easy to install and the support is AMAZING!! I had several questions and needed help and Chris and the support team were very fast to help. The only thing I didn't like initially about the app was there was no option to email members when their membership was about to renew. However, this was added in a recent update!! Best membership app out there and getting better every day!!

Honeycomb Mockups
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16. tammikuu 2023

Spent a long time looking for the perfect app for my online content membership system. Several other options are out there, but none match the ease of use and customer support I've found here with Simplee. My questions in chat support were answered promptly and they were able to make a few customizations I needed almost immediately. Highly recommend!

Aesthetic Strength
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25. heinäkuu 2023

The App, 15 out of 10.
The Service... cant put a price on it, Chris and team took on our non standard requirent, quoted a day or two to implement and just hours later, built, implemented, installed, and ran us through it.

I spent the last 3 days F'ing around with some big name app providers to no success and they were all 2 and 3 times the price of Simplee. This is where you need to go for your membership app. disregard the others. save yourself the ehadache

We Are Makers
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28. lokakuu 2022

I have a very simple site. I provide video to members only. I am a 59 year old plumber and learning how to use Shopify was taxing my computer skills and patience. Simplee Memberships was very easy to set up. They walk you through the setup step by step. I had a couple questions and Chris got back to me both times in less than 20 minutes. My problems were each solved in less that ten minutes. Absolutely fantastic and easy to use product with fast knowledgeable customer service. Highly recommended!

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Muokattu 13. tammikuu 2023

The experience that I have had on Simplee has been superior to any other subscription or membership app. I tried other apps throughout the process, but getting the correct code for my theme, and easily implementing the app into my workflow has been surprisingly easy. Their customer support, especially Chris, went above and beyond throughout the implementation process. Unlike other apps directing me to hire one of their developers, Simplee helped me implement the code. For anyone wanting a membership, loyalty, or subscription app I would highly recommend Simplee.

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16. maaliskuu 2023

Memberships are a critical part of The Cove's business and this app fills the needs we have for recurring payment memberships. It is high quality and the help from Chris has been brilliant.
We tried a number of the other membership apps prior to this trying to save some $$$, BUT I wish I had just gone straight to this one.

The Cove Sports Recovery
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Muokattu 9. tammikuu 2023

Good service from Simplee team. The apps functionality with Shopify and to manage our members is good. The only downside is that the sub is our biggest recurring expense for our website - our membership is relatively small! Edit - The Simplee team read this review and have now offered us a 75% discount on the per member fee, which is awesome!

Munda Biddi
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Simplee Apps vastasi 10. tammikuu 2023

Thanks for the amazing review! We're happy to help non-profits keep their costs down, I'm glad we could be of assistance 🙏

20. joulukuu 2022

I just got Simplee today so we can test membership pricing on our new store. Chris was super helpful in getting everything up and running for me in a matter of minutes. We are a digital product and none of the other subscription apps/memberships really had what we're looking. Highly recommend so far!

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