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25. leden 2024

We recently switched from Route Purchase Protection to using this app instead. We have started on the Free plan just to try it out but so far, the experience has been great! The support team is very responsive, usually responding within 24h and having the issue fixed in 24-48h. Despite not being on a paid plan, they've offered extensive help to our team.

We will be upgrading our plan next month for a product launch and looking forward to seeing how well it works on a larger scale.

Magpie Games
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23. únor 2024

Great app with good customer service!

Ascent Outdoors
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17. leden 2024

Great app & support was superb quick.

Wine To Deliver
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19. červen 2023

Been using the App for a year or so and it has been good for us. Would recommend and customers seem to have been ok with it. We did some updates to our site at one stage and didn't realise for a fair while that the app stopped working. Support was able to get it back going reasonably quickly.

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6. červen 2023

These people not only have a great service but what really amazes me is their great customer service... always on top, always responding quickly and always willing to help. Thanks guys.

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21. červen 2023

A great shipping insurance app. The set up was so easy and the customer support is amazing. I have never had any issues with the app and I love how you can customize the insurance to fit what makes sense for your business. Couldn't recommend it more!

Slate Brands
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22. listopad 2023

Great Service. so much better than parcel panel insurance by a mile!

Victoria Queen | Live with Luxury
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29. červen 2023

It's incredibly easy to integrate into your online store and does so automatically. This app is an absolute must-have if you're running an e-commerce business. I highly recommend giving it a try!

Mega Lash Academy
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14. říjen 2023

I was looking for a Shipping insurance app when I stumbled upon Simply Shipping Protection. The app was free and easy to install. Although I had some minor problems (in terms of aesthetics), the support team was able to immediately resolve it.

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3. listopad 2023

Very happy with the app and the customer service. I asked for 4 things that would like to be looked at and the team acted on all of them in very timely manner. The app is pretty nice to use and simply to grasp after awhile. Highly recommend.

Quality Liquor Store
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