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Collect email subscriptions in a fun and effective way.

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Collect email in a funny way

When the user spins the machine, you both win. The user gets a discount and your email list grow!!

Increase your sales

Increase your sales by offering discounts. Create urgency sales with a Real-time countdown. More sales made ease!

Many themes and options

Create Different campaigns using different slot machines. Send email campaigns to increase recurring sales. Many options and integrations.

Su Slotify

Convert first-time visitors into customers and increase sales with Slotify.

Slotify shows a funny Slot Machine in your store that captures user emails and offers coupons in exchange for the email. Acquisition of users is expensive but with Slotify this becomes very cheap. When a user reaches your store a slot machine invites him to leave his email. The user will receive an offer to buy a product in your store. In case the user does not buy anything, you have more opportunities to offer them something special and close the deal because you got his contact email.

Configurable prizes & Campaigns

Use Shopify coupons to make different offers with different probabilities. Create campaigns to make A/B tests.

Fully customisable

Customise your slot machine to fit your store.

Many Customizable themes

Includes many different themes ready to use (Christmas, Halloween, Baby, Girly, motor, etc.). All of them are customisable with your own images, colors, texts.

Email validation & prevent duplication

Slotify includes email validation. Avoid fake emails and keep clean your email list.

Email integrations

Integrate your email list automatically with Mailchimp or Klaviyo.

Auto emails to winners

Send an automatic email when the user wins a prize.

Countdown timer

Set a countdown timer to push your customers to buy and take advantage of the offer.

Fully responsive

Fit on any screen size; desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device.

Google compliance

Fully compliant with Google wishes and completely safe to use.

Si integra con

  • Mailchip,
  • Klaviyo

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Free Plan


  • 100 Displays/m

  • 50 emails/m

  • 1 Customizable Theme

  • 1 Campaign

  • App Logo



  • 2000 Displays/m

  • 1000 emails/m

  • Unlimited Themes

  • 2 Campaigns

  • No App logo

  • Catch name & email

  • Duplicate email prevention



  • Unlimited displays, emails, themes & campaigns

  • Catch name & email

  • Integrations

  • Email validation & Duplicate prevention

  • Email to winners...

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4.0 stelle su 5

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