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16. září 2019

Popup appears 10% of the time. Very disapointed about that. We lost a lot of sales because of that.
Need another app: Smar7 gateway to implement post checkout upsell... Very disapointed
Issues with goal reach with Free Shipping bundle.

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Vývojář Skup odpověděl 16. září 2019

Hey there,

We're sorry to hear that you're having issues. We'd love to take a look and offer 24/7 support. If you already have a support ticket I'd be more than happy to escalate it and have our dev team take a closer look as well.

As for post purchase Upsells you'll find all apps are this way and that's because Shopify does not allow post purchase upsells natively and also doesn't allow those apps in the App Store so it's required for us by Shopify's rules to break it into two separate applications

As I said we're more than happy to solve any issues you have and we'll also give you an extended free trial just to ensure everything is working smoothly before you have to pay

Just hit us up at our support desk right here:

Datum úprav: 21. květen 2016

The app functionality is great. But that's only if you are selling in USD!!! Having gone through the installation it was super annoying to find out that the App only supports USD! It would have been so much easier if this was communicated somewhere in the page. We wouldn't have bothered with it. For that reason, I'm leaving a two-star review.

Srí Lanka
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2. listopad 2017

I really, really wanted this app to work. The interface is beautiful and the concept is great. I spent a full work day tinkering with it and playing around with bundles and kept running into small flaws in how the settings (don't) work that made it extremely frustrating. I chatted at length with two of their tech support people. While they were both very friendly and tried to help, they didn't really seem to get the issues and when they did conceded that they didn't have solutions. I really hope they iron these issues out in the future and I'll be happy to try again, but right now I'm super frustrated that I wasted a day on it.

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14. srpen 2018

Looks great -could be good, but cannot handle currency conversion so pretty much useless for international sellers - just wasted 2 hrs finding this out!

Swiftflyfishing Sandbox
Nový Zéland
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