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20. květen 2016

Simple, gamified product upsells. Love the idea, so-so execution.

Unfortunately, dashboard statistics only show stats for "add to cart" actions without tracking actual conversions (which significantly and artificially inflates the statistics), though we've been able to track actual conversion by tracking coupon code usage.

Unfortunately, ignoring the stats shown on the dashboard and using actual sales data, when testing against other upsell plugins, it produces significantly fewer upsells than other simpler and less-expensive alternatives.

Also, doesn't skip products that go out of stock, which can create confusion for customers who are shown upsells for products that are no longer available.

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19. říjen 2018

This app comes in highly recommended for making a last minute sales pitch to your client when they go to their shopping cart to start the payment process. It's quick and easy to set up an extra product suggestion.

Where this app fails in my opinion, is when you're trying to work from your phone. I could **NOT get it to work properly** from my phone when selecting products to create a bundle offer. This app NEEDS you at your computer, and for people who are on the go, this is one HUGE pain in the rear.

Izzy's Essentials
Doba používání aplikace: 5 dny
Datum úprav: 1. únor 2017

Good App with nice interface, although it didn't generate me any revenue (maybe it's my fault).
I've watched most of my visitors though Hotjar and it seems that they get scared from the "popup" on mobile and leave my site.

Also, the pricing is just ridiculous. $47 is more than my Shopify store. $47 are all of my apps combined for a month. If it was priced better ($14-19 a month) I was going to give it a go a couple of months more :)

New Yorkie Times
Doba používání aplikace: 24 hodinami
Datum úprav: 22. srpen 2016

Way overpriced at $47 in my opinion. There are other apps that do MUCH MORE than this one does at half the price! Who are these people kidding? Not only that, you should refrain from getting this app if your doing Free + Shipping! Doesn't work!

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