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30 Aralık 2022

After 2 months with the app, I didn't see any change in traffic and didn't see my product on the first pages of google. I applied to the developers before canceling the subscription but didn't get a response. It was a waste of time and money for me.

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3 Ekim 2022

Sent question to support asking why the two products are still processing for over a week now. Also was curious as to what changes they are making - just updating alt text? Never received a response - deleted app an moved on.

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3 Mayıs 2022

I tried the free version tos ee what it would do and was anxious to upgrade to the paid version. However, all it says is that it optimized the 10 product pages. There is no explanation as to what it actually did to optimize. I submitted a request to them to get info on what it did specifically several days ago and have not received a response.
With no customer service and no real explanation on how the app is optimizing, I am not inclined to pay for this app and couldn't be more disappointed.

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Smart Sell Club yanıt 3 Mayıs 2022

We never received any correspondence from you but after checking your results on google we can see your products that were optimised with our app are appearing on the first page of google images. Not only has Smart SEO Boost app worked for you but it has ranked you on the first page of Google. We emailed you a screenshot showing you just under one of the biggest competitors.

16 Ocak 2023 tarihinde düzenlendi

This app is not a worthwhile investment as it only copies product descriptions to update image alt text, neglecting other crucial aspects of SEO such as keyword research, on-page optimization, content creation, link building, and website structure. I had to spend additional time and effort to manually change all the alt text for better SEO results. Save your money and invest in a more comprehensive SEO approach.

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