Smart SEO

Smart SEO

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SEO optimization and JSON-LD done in a way Google will love!

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SEO Tools and Automation

Automatically generate meta tags, alt tags, fix broken links and manage your sitemap. Drive more organic traffic to your store.

JSON-LD Structured Data

Provide structured data to Google in JSON-LD format to let search engines know your store in details and rank it higher in search results.

Multi-language SEO

Smart SEO supports the new Shopify Store Languages (mutli-language) feature. Increase the ranking for each language in your store.

Su Smart SEO

Don’t waste resources on SEO optimization tasks that can be automated. What you have at hand is a powerful and flexible SEO app which will generate meta tags, alt tags, and JSON-LD structured data that search engines will love.

On-Site SEO

You no longer have to manually enter product meta tags (meta title and meta description) and alt tags for every product in your store. The Smart SEO app is smart enough to generate them for you. All you need to do is select a template and let Smart SEO do the rest for you.

Smart SEO is the only app for Shopify to generate meta tags instantly. With other apps, you might need to wait in queue for hours, even days, for your meta tags to be generated. Smart SEO is powerful enough to generate your tags in a matter of seconds.

New Feature:

Unique to Smart SEO - multi-language support for meta tags (meta titles and meta descriptions) and JSON-LD structured data. Running a store in multiple languages? Not a problem with Smart SEO. Now you can create meta tags for each language in your store.

Structured Data

You don’t have to be familiar with liquid and javascript to add the JSON-LD data to the pages of your website. Now you can provide structured data to Google and other search engines automatically to improve your search results. The structured data generated by Smart SEO is the most complete among all SEO apps for Shopify. For example, Smart SEO will generate structured data for every product on your collection pages.

Sitemap Support

From within Shopify, you can not manage your store sitemap, but with Smart SEO, you can easily do this and choose which pages to include or exclude.

Broken Links Management

We all know that search engines don’t like broken links. Smart SEO will scan your website and then query one of the most powerful APIs in the world to identify all broken backlinks (websites linking to non-existent pages on your website). Once the scan is complete, you can quickly fix the broken links. With the app, you can make search engines fall in love with your store all over again.

Smart SEO will help you cut down the time you spend on store SEO optimization by more than 80% so that you can focus on things that matter most for your business.

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  • Meta Tags Optimization

  • ALT Tags Optimization

  • Fix Broken Backlinks

  • Manage Sitemap

  • Manage Noindex Tags

Pro plan


  • Meta Tags Optimization

  • ALT Tags Optimization

  • Fix Broken Backlinks

  • Manage Sitemap

  • Noindex Tags

  • Add JSON-LD

  • Remove Micro Data

  • And More...

* Tutte le spese sono fatturate in USD. Le spese ricorrenti, comprese le spese per utilizzo o mensili, sono fatturate ogni 30 giorni.

4.9 stelle su 5

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Effective, straightforward, and helps with SEO tasks without complication. The support is great - fast and responsive. Love this app, glad we switched app to Smart SEO

Ringaboy LLC

[Hey, 'Brooklyn' Theme users!] - You'll want to give this app a 6 out of 5 by the time Rado cleans up your theme and gets your Google microdata all pulling in the right direction. Brooklyn is a great theme, but parts of it can be a little behind on certain current web standards. Being behind on standards means that your site isn't as well-understood by Google as it can be. This may impact search. If you're noticing errors being reported for your store in Google's Rich Results Test and in Search Console, this app will be of great help to you in getting things straightened out. If the number or kind of these errors is significant, the paid tier is a bargain if you don't know how to fix the code yourself. Rado, the developer, is not only great at troubleshooting microdata errors, he is also excellent at explaining how the errors occur and how they are fixed so that you can understand your site better. He even shows you how to test things out yourself while you adjust code. Little things mean a lot, and if the Google algorithm is happy with your site, you in turn will be happy with your SERP results from Google. This app, along with a little SEO work, has kept me on page one of organic search for my most critical keywords. And no, I'm not a paid shill - this app, and Rado, are just really that good. Happy to recommend.

Nabz Saad

I recommend Smart SEO app is very easy to use. Super communication support, Rado has been very good and helpful. I encountered some problems in setting up structured data and Rado from Smart SEO helped me solve the problem in a short time, delete duplicate content from the previous SEO app I had. Very satisfied with the choice.