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Datum úprav: 12. březen 2019

Update: I started using this app in mid-January to give me 3 tabs for each product (variable Description, then static Shipping and Reviews). At the time I installed the app said that it was totally free. Since then they have changed it (without warning) to a paid plan for Static Tabs. I haven't been able to get the free Standard Tabs to work myself, and all I needed was as described above.

When I contacted support asking about the price change that I noticed they weren't entirely clear in their first reply, so I asked for clarification (it looked on my app screen like I was allowed to keep my 2 Static Tabs for free). However, they sent me a cantankerous reply email with the entire text highlighted repeating what they already said and asking that I remove my 1-star review.

I haven't found any app to replace it with yet but I plan to look for one. Don't waste your time with the free version without being comfortable figuring out how the Standard Tabs work!

Blue Dragon Collectibles
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Vývojář TK Digital odpověděl 7. březen 2019

Hi there, thanks for your feedback. App is still free to use. You can use standard tabs completly free of charge. These tabs can completely cover all your products. It just requires a bit more manual work.

1 Static tab still remains free of charge as well.

We are sorry you missed our email about upcoming changes.

Unfortunately, We had to decide whearher we need to close this app and stop supporting it or ask merchants for symbolic contribution to keep it alive.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused by these changes.

12. březen 2019

Broke my site. Followed the directions and my descriptions disappeared. Followed the directions to remove snippet, completely messed up the format of my product pages. I saved a back up copy, but somehow the code is there as well. So even with me getting my product pages to show up legibily, it still has in the code this company's branding link even though no tabs are on the page.

4 the Love of Bubbles
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Vývojář TK Digital odpověděl 13. březen 2019

Update 19.03.2019
We just released a new update which should support your theme. We added dozens of new themes and new review apps.

Sorry to hear that. Appreciate for your feedback.

I would suggest to reach out our support so we could help you to fix your issue.

I will send you request to access temporary your store so our devs will check whats going on.

23. říjen 2019

If there was an option to give a negative rating, I would do that. The customer support is the most horrible I have ever come across in my life. You can't change fonts in app, the bullets don't show up in your text and the most disturbing part - the customer service reps don't care what hat you say or ask. Now they are asking me to hire them. LOL. I'd rather use some other app. I will not recommened at all.

Zabella Store
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Vývojář TK Digital odpověděl 24. říjen 2019

Hi There, just a quick update. We released new version of tabs. If you still need our help please dont hesitate to ask.

Datum úprav: 27. březen 2020

All my product descriptions disappeared after I updated to this app.
Deleting the app doesn't help. My shop is ruined

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Datum úprav: 8. únor 2020

Worst app on shopify.
If i could rate this app zero 0, i would. Please people look for a better app to use. I won't advise anyone to use this app. I have been using this app since last year and they changed some features which affected the display of how it
showed on my website. I contacted them several times to help us check what the problem was but they refused to help giving flimsy excuses. 2 shopify gurus also contacted them on my behalf and they wouldn't respond. Once more this is a very very bad app. Search elsewhere for a better app to use but not this.

Express Wig Braids
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1. říjen 2020

It so bad don't use this app unless you want to waste your time! Everything here is a mess and it just makes my website look like a joke.

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Doba používání aplikace: 3 měsíci
Datum úprav: 14. červen 2019

So far so good. Seems easy to use and looks good on product page. No problems, so will see as time goes on. update...Very unhappy developer did not advise users they were going to start charging for app. updated app. now descriptions are broken...will be removing

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Doba používání aplikace: 8 měsíci
21. únor 2019

Terrible app and even worse support. The app shows various different tabs on product pages that aren't selected on the tab sections.

I contacted support and they blamed another app. When I asked them which other app was causing the problem, they didn't respond. I sent them several more emails trying to follow this up with no response.

Again, the app is utterly useless!!! And the support.... COMPLETELY INCOMPETENT!!!!


FYL Clothing
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Vývojář TK Digital odpověděl 19. březen 2019

Hi, sorry to hear that.

Just quick heads up as we just released update which should support your theme along with new features

Datum úprav: 23. březen 2019

Complete lack of integrity. Could you trust someone who broke their promise, hijacks your info and leaves you in a lurch? We did love it until they wiped out the functionality they were providing without any warning and now we're left without pertinent information for all of our listings throughout our ENTIRE site. Not only that we have NO access to what we had written on those tabs!!! Now we truly hate this app. Seriously stressful and terrible way to roll out a change. They changed their terms of "free forever" after leaving a positive review... seriously uncool guys. Now only one tab is free? How could that be remotely helpful to anyone? They muscling people into paying up and reneging on their promise to provide it for free as an early adopter and leaving a positive review. And now how could we possibly trust them and think we'd pay money for the app? Really wish they thought this through.

Elevate Fiber Arts
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Doba používání aplikace: 6 měsíci
Datum úprav: 16. březen 2019

Great app. Does everything I need it to.
I am however a little upset that I now have to pay a fee in order to use this app that was completely free when I downloaded it. Will likely be shifting to a new app that does not come with a monthly or yearly charge..

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Doba používání aplikace: 4 měsíci
Vývojář TK Digital odpověděl 19. březen 2019

Sorry to loose you! Unfortunately we had to ask you for a small contribution so to save app and not shut it down.