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7. listopad 2016

Are you kidding me? After suckering us in to get our customers to use your rewards system you now say YOU made a mistake and instead of auto generating code we now have to do it manually for ALL our customers unless we upgrade to Shopify Plus. Whose got the time for that! Talk about bait and switch.

Glass Haunt
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20. říjen 2020

super slow also app and support staff not worth it its just waste of time interface has so many bugs issue

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Vývojář odpověděl 21. říjen 2020

Hey there! We're so sorry to hear this. Our team has sent a message your way to help out.

12. červen 2018

Basic referral functionality doesn't limit to first-time customers. Referrals can't be offered as point values, and aren't fully integrated with the point earning/spending experience. Their support team misunderstands issues right and left, leaving me with 9+ email chains to troubleshoot simple problems.

Ample Foods
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Datum úprav: 16. prosinec 2019

USER / BUYER BEWARE. It should be stressed that this app does NOT connect to social networks (Instagram/Facebook/Twitter). Any task you assign for points does NOT have to completed by the customer. Smile will reward ppl the points as long as they just click the button. Because points=money, you will basically be giving money away on tasks that may very well go uncompleted. They have a great support team who offers suggestions to help combat this, but ultimately it's a flaw in the system that should be corrected or at least made aware to users.

Bods + Bubs
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Vývojář odpověděl 16. prosinec 2019

Thank you for the feedback! We've sent an email your way with some additional information to clarify.

31. říjen 2016

Have just been told I now have to manually create and upload my discount coupons for every customer's reward point purchase (points = discount coupon). Waste of time and will be looking for another app that doesn't charge so much for half the work. 0/10.

Femme Fatale Cosmetics
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22. září 2022

Ik heb deze app getest, echter deze app beschikt niet over de mogelijkheid om de Nederlandse taal te gebruiken in de communicatie naar klanten. Dus niet bruikbaar voor ons. Technisch / functioneel prima app overigens

Tango Shoes
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Vývojář odpověděl 22. září 2022

Hey Marteen! Thanks for taking the time to leave us your honest feedback!

Joana from Smile here 👋 Regarding languages, we currently offer Smile in 5 languages (English, Spanish, French, German, and Portuguese) but full translations for Dutch are not currently offered.

However, I have sent you an email with a few examples of Dutch merchants using the semi-translated version of Smile!

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Met vriendelijk groet,
Joana 🙏

5. červen 2023

I cancelled this app over two months ago and I am still being charged. I reached out to customer service multiple times and have been ignored.

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Vývojář odpověděl 5. červen 2023

Hi there!

Our team has reached out get this resolved for you but we haven't seen a reply back yet. If you aren't getting our responses, please send an email to We'd like to get this resolved for you today if possible.


17. únor 2017

Do yourself a favor and do not go close to this app, I emaild their support and they created tickets , no reply yet ...

Uptown American
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6. duben 2019

Desktop version is ok, but mobile/tablet unable to configure correct position of the app icon. Please fix it. Thanks

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Vývojář odpověděl 8. duben 2019

Hey there! Thanks for reaching out. We'll be in touch via email to discuss next steps :)

24. listopad 2017

I am sure I would like the program if I could ever get it implemented. I have requested help setting up the explainer page multiple times. (Which I they told me they would do) Each time I ask, they tell me to submit a request to the support staff -- which I have done Twice. No response. My only contact with them now is when they bill me each month. Ironically, they do not forget to contact me then. So my problem is customer service. They couldn't contact me enough before I purchased. After I purchased, quite a different story I am sorry to say.

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