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26. září 2023

A very effective app for my store. It's really good since we have multiple stores to manage. It helps to track events that are important for us. It's a really big help

Faerské ostrovy
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18. únor 2024

Customer support is great and super attentive. They wouldn't stop until they made sure that you are satisfied with their service. The app is relatively awesome with all the features that I need for my store and I gotta say this is one worth it app

2. červen 2023

Impressive app. They have a step by step instructions and videos in setting it up and it's a huge help especially if you are a first timer like me. Especially with tracking all the relevant events that I need for my store. I'm really glad I tried this one out.

Mind's Nest
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28. únor 2023

I'm glad that I found this app because manually installing snapchat tags can be a tremendous hassle. However, this app made the whole process super quick and easy - it was a real lifesaver!

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28. květen 2023

I would recommend this app for sure. I like its integration and interface. Easy and simple and I applaud their customer support. I think this app is a total package

Consult HK
Hongkong – ZAO Číny
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4. březen 2023

Great app. Loving its awesome features. It is great for multiple pixel stores especially it's super easy to use.

Meadors End
Jihoafrická republika
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3. červen 2023

Got charged after 3 days even though the app says 7 day free trial.
App very unclear. Can't even tell if it works or not.

Kunai Spinner
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Vývojář HNK Limited odpověděl 16. srpen 2023

Just wish to precise to store owners that might contact us for clarification about this: This issue was fixed immediately after this review, and only lasted for a very brief period. You will only be charged after a 7 days free trial. Also everything is working fine with the app

Datum úprav: 29. srpen 2022

Just started using this app but I am loving this app for its accuracy. Got my pixels firing events as accurately as possible.

Portraits by LVDB
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3. říjen 2018

The app is awesome, I can see all the events firing by using the chrome extension, and they fire pretty fast. Till now, I have seen page view, view content, add to cart, start checkout, and purchase events. It has a nice FAQ section that helped me setup and verify everything, and It's also affordable, I recommend

Deal Buy Store
Spojené království
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11. říjen 2022

This app is all I need. Keeps me in track with all that's happening to my store. Definitely what I have been looking for and it gives me the results to keep me up to date

Mint n Box
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