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23. říjen 2022

I'm so glad I took a chance with this app. I was a little bit hesitant at first since this is my first store so I'm not so good at this pixels thing. But I did a lot of research and I got a lot of help. And now I'm getting the exact results that I wanted. Special thanks to the support team who is so responsive with my questions and very accommodating. I could definitely say that I am happy I chose this app out of its other competitors out there.

Blume Closet
Hongkong – ZAO Číny
Doba používání aplikace: 24 hodinami
2. červen 2023

Impressive app. They have a step by step instructions and videos in setting it up and it's a huge help especially if you are a first timer like me. Especially with tracking all the relevant events that I need for my store. I'm really glad I tried this one out.

Mind's Nest
Doba používání aplikace: Asi 2 měsíci
29. září 2022

I just installed this app and its doing great! Lets me build custom audiences when in Snapchat and the app report events accurately . It looks like I'm gonna be using this for a long time

Spojené království
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11. říjen 2022

This app is all I need. Keeps me in track with all that's happening to my store. Definitely what I have been looking for and it gives me the results to keep me up to date

Mint n Box
Spojené království
Doba používání aplikace: 4 měsíci
10. listopad 2022

I heard about this app from my friend so I gave it a try. I'd say I didn't regret installing this one. I like the integration of its tracking events on my ads which is also very precise. It does what it should. It's good.

Petal & Thorns
Hongkong – ZAO Číny
Doba používání aplikace: 3 měsíci
28. únor 2023

I'm glad that I found this app because manually installing snapchat tags can be a tremendous hassle. However, this app made the whole process super quick and easy - it was a real lifesaver!

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4. březen 2023

Great app. Loving its awesome features. It is great for multiple pixel stores especially it's super easy to use.

Meadors End
Jihoafrická republika
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22. prosinec 2022

Awesome app. I would strongly recommend this to others who are looking for easy to use and very effective and efficient pixel manager.

Sean's Plane
Spojené státy
Doba používání aplikace: 2 měsíci
28. květen 2023

I would recommend this app for sure. I like its integration and interface. Easy and simple and I applaud their customer support. I think this app is a total package

Consult HK
Hongkong – ZAO Číny
Doba používání aplikace: 3 měsíci
Datum úprav: 29. srpen 2022

Just started using this app but I am loving this app for its accuracy. Got my pixels firing events as accurately as possible.

Portraits by LVDB
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