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Printy6 ‑ Print On Demand

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Plenty of items to choose from to put your design on.

Plenty of items to print

VERY USER-FRIENDLY! Plenty of items to choose from to put your design on. From shoes, watches, bedding sets, to wallet.

Easy to use, user friendly.

Easy to use, user friendly. Online support available when you need it, easy way to add your own custom designs to products.

Better price and fast shipping

Price includes Shipping fees so there’re NEVER any other hidden costs! Bring you huge profit.

Printy6 ‑ Print On Demandの詳細情報

Extremely easy to use custom design and publish products directly into your store.

There is no inventory need and we provide world free shipping service, you can sell your product at no cost. Start Selling Custom Printed products In Minutes! Make Big Profits With The Hottest Products On The Market!

What products does Snaprinting provide?

These products we can provide: Canvas shoes, Sneakers, bedding set, wrist watches, wallet, pillow, wall clock, Mobile accessories, T-shirt, wall art.

How long will the production and shipping take?

Production will usually take 3-7 days, shipping will usually take 5-17 days, and we provide global free shipping.

How Does Snaprinting Work?

Snaprinting concentrate on make art printing easy and beautiful, we improved the technology of printing and dyeing, development custom print service with our MMS (Manufacturing Management Software).!

  1. Click the “Get App” button
  2. Chose a product and click "Start Design" button
  3. Upload print files and adjust position & size as you like.
  4. Set up your billing and you're good to go!
  5. The Snaprinting's incredible service makes it easier for artists to bring their art to life,fuel colorful designs by printing them on unique Watches, Umbrellas, Shoes, etc.Satisfying all the fashion demand for the buyers who love their designs! Provide Marketers Hot Designs

More and more marketers want better products with hot designs printed on, it’s now the secret of making money. Snaprinting provides marketers brand new Watches, Umbrellas, Shoes and other hot selling products with hot designs printed on, and the best way to sell these hot designs. FAST & FREE Worldwide Drop Shipping!

Snaprinting offers the most competitive price and fastest global drop shipping service, you don’t need to cost any investment for inventory or stockings. Unlike other fulfillment apps, Snaprinting’s price INCLUDES Shipping fees so there’re NEVER any other hidden costs! Real Solutions With Shopify

Snaprinting works great with Shopify platform, or on your own custom platform, providing a better custom printing service for marketers to sell custom Watches, Umbrellas, Shoes and other hot selling products to someone who loves your design. Boost Your Shopify Orders

Snaprinting help marketers manufacture every designed products and deliver your order to worldwide. The order will be automatically sent to Snaprinting where it gets printed, packed and shipped. We’ll notify you when the order is shipped, complete with all the shipping info like your tracking number!


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Items are so easy to make & looked so good! More Colors options & Design Options are needed on product thou. Overall, It's a yes for me!


Zero response from support. Not even an email. Printy6 does not give the confidence needed to run a print-on-demand or drop-shipping business.




We have not received any email from you, could you please send us a screenshot of the email you sent to us? we will issue fully refund for your inquiring order and fulfill the order for free if you haven't receive response from us within 48 hours.

Best regards,

Phoenix Shaving

I have had an item "in production" for 14 days. Support is not responsive, customer is frustrated, Printy 6 help is non-existent. They replied to this review but still have not relied to the support ticket that was "created" on my behalf.




This is John from Printy6, we noticed that you have an order is in production about 14 days, and you sent us several emails but didn't get response from us, I have checked your order #98430 , we are so sorry for the order was delayed, we cannot produce this item for you, because of the mockup image is created so long time ago, we had a upgrade and a migration for the mockup images, during this migration, your Shopify store is inactive, caused the image lost, you need to re-submit the image to us.

We haven't received your emails until now, we are still looking into what was happened about the lost emails, If you can get this email, please get back to us ASAP , we are so sorry for the inconvenience.

Best regards,