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Probably one of the worst apps/sellers we have ever dealt with, not only does the app not work well, but their customer service lacks, their fees vs what they offer is ridiculous, and on top of all that they hold sales funds 25+ days after the sale. Definitely not worth it for a seller.

Que Shebley

I'll be honest. I had hoped that is app was going to be great for me and my products in theory this app is a really brilliant. But it's very poor supported and lack of customer service was just not worth my time.

Jack & Jill Dog Diapers

On May 16th, I attempted to hook up with Sprocket. It's now May 27th - way longer than the 1-2 days I was told would take to learn about the fate of my application. When I was Wix, this was taken care of in less than 24 hours. I'm not with Wix anymore but I would suspect the Shopify connection would have been just as good. So far, nothing. There really is not much difference in the product lines involved, either. I'm sitting dead in the water now.

Pioneer Kitty Market

This app does not comply with EU Tax Regulations. We have tried to contact them several times to ask them to fix the issue, but with no success.

Linen Couture

Great app! Very easy to use it! Great customers service too! They helped me in matter of minutes to set up properly and they made sure that it was handled properly. I am really thankful for Spocket !

Golden NYC Jewelry
Spocketが返信しました 2019年8月12日

We always do our best not only for our customers, but for our suppliers as well. We would like to thank you as well for becoming a part of Spocket and for helping each other grow. Cheers!


Great way to expand your business. It takes time but the world belongs to those who can wait!! Try it out!

Spocketが返信しました 2019年9月30日

We are loving your optimism! That's absolutely correct! We believe that Success takes time, effort and patience. Spocket is looking forward to growing with you!


Pretty good so far. Had some issues getting started trying to figure things out but customer service helped me pretty quickly and answered every single question I had. I was able to get my Funko products on there and can see other retailers adding them! https://shoppoponline.com/

Spocketが返信しました 2019年7月10日

Thanks so much for this wonderful review! We hope that your business grows together with us and you make more sales in the near future. Again, if you need any help, feel free to contact our amazing Support team who is available 24/7!


The app is a great help to supplier community, though I faced some little issues but I am very thankful to support team for resolving my all issues on priority basis.. Thanks a lot and best wishes!

Spocketが返信しました 2019年7月29日

Thank you for leaving us a great review! We value our dear suppliers so just let us know if you need any assistance and we will rush in! Send us an email at support@spocket.co or chat with the support team 24/7!


Great customer services were able to solve my syncing product issues. I am great that I can now spread my products to other potential resellers.

Badger Steel USA
Spocketが返信しました 2019年11月29日

Thank you for your feedback! It give us great motivation that we are able to make our suppliers happy by addressing and resolving the issues you raised. Happy Spocket-ing!


Customer service contact me after I had complained and they resolve the problem they are working with me over email thank you Tracy

Market Sale
Spocketが返信しました 2020年1月27日

Hey there! Thanks so much for the feedback and truly sorry for the inconvenience the application process has caused you. Our Suppliers team does take some time to review supplier applications as we want to ensure that our merchants are given access to the most reliable suppliers. In any case, we raised this to our Suppliers team and have asked them to provide the reason for them not proceeding with your application. Perhaps we can also look into a reassessment of your proposal. We humbly ask for your patience as we discuss this among the team, thanks!