Spread by SocialEras

Spread by SocialEras

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Generate poster and shorten link for your product

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Easy to use

You can easily create poster and shorten link for your product

Easy to spread

You can spread your products in many ways

Know what’s working

You can get real-time data to know what campaigns are working

Podrobnosti o Spread by SocialEras

Why would you use Convey by SocialEras?

Hoping to broadcast your products through influencers, bloggers and KOLs? Can you create attractive posters for your products and fast? And how can you track the results of the broadcast?

Convey by SocialEras is a wonderful app which can answer all the above questions. It can create posters and short links for you in no time. It allows you to share your products among influencers and friends and advertise them on social media. In addition, you can track where the orders come from and who brings traffic to your website.

Convey by SocialEras makes it all simpler. It simply creates QR codes, short links and posters, checks publicity of merchandise in real time.

Key Features

  1. Product poster creation Develop an e-poster and display the key information of the products, such as picture, name, discount information, and price. At the same time, it attaches the QR code of the product details page and the brand logo. When doing promotion, people can quickly understand what you are offering, while influencers can recommend your products to their fans and users or share them with each other.

  2. Simultaneously generate short links and QR codes When making the product card. The short links of the product details page and the corresponding QR code are created at the same time. When advertising your products, short links and QR codes can facilitate your users accessing product details pages fast and easy, on mobile phones, tablets, and e-commerce devices.

  3. Real-time data tracking When users view your product page and purchase corresponding products through advertisements, shared links, or QR codes, Convey can provide you with real-time data. These help you understand the transmission effect of your products.

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