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17 Mayıs 2022 tarihinde düzenlendi

EDIT 2: WHAT A JOKE! I don't even want to give it 1 star anymore and support is horrible. They just blame the customer as if we should be able to read their minds and know what their broken english means. If you need to recover data do it asap. NO WHERE does it state that you only have 5 days to recover data. I recovered 70% of my website listings and worked on those as they were priority. Now 10 days later I went to recover the remaining listings and have NO access. It only allows me to go back 5 days, that's not helpful since I needed things from 10 days ago when I lost all of my listings. EDIT: After leaving the review I got a response stating I got a reply to my support ticket. It went to my spam folder. Unfortunately by the time I got this reply I had already added all images manually back to my listings that were uploaded via data recovery. The app is still helpful just has some bugs to work out. It is the only bulk editor for variants in the app store. It doesn't always correctly update products like it should. I ticked the wrong box on an upload and it wiped EVERY SINGLE (1000's and 1000's) of listings off my website. Thankfully there's a data recovery. It was best to put data based on tags an save the excel sheet, make changes to it and then upload one category at a time. HOWEVER, with that being said it duplicated 2, 3, 4, and 5 times on the same listings some with quantities some without during the upload. I sent a support request and NEVER heard back, shopify followed up with me. The only reason I give 2 stars is because of the data recovery option. This could really be an awesome editor if it didn't duplicate or completely remove things on uploads. It's definitely faster then using the shopify bulk editor that doesn't allow variant editing. The buttons could definitely have more clarification on the action it will perform.

Spangled Dreams
Amerika Birleşik Devletleri
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Holest Engineering yanıt 12 Mayıs 2022


We are sorry you had that accident - it is a tool for things like that and that's why it has a recovery option.
I just want to state that we did answer, we even had follow-up mail with additional instructions although it was Sunday.

- we made an import preview - you see exactly what will happen before you commit. You can just stop.
- we even made 5 days of data snapshots for recovery if you don't check carefully the import preview before you commit.


14 Ocak 2023 tarihinde düzenlendi

I was excited about the app when I first used it. The interface and functionality are great but not perfect. I have lost countless hours editing only to find the changes weren't implemented. Incredibly frustrating. I am going back to the trusted Excel editing method. Excel is not as pretty as S-bulk but at least I know my changes will be made.

I had attempted to access the support link only to find a 502 bad gateway.

Update: The feature I wish it had was actually implementing the updates I make to the products rather than just leading me to believe they were updated. You must not have read my review.

Regarding the 502 problem, it's clear you understood what I meant because you fixed the link, and this now works.

Amerika Birleşik Devletleri
Uygulamayı kullanma süresi:3 ay
Holest Engineering yanıt 13 Ocak 2023


I see you are still using our app. So you are disappointed because it misses some feature you thought it has? What is that feature - maybe it does have it but you did not find it ? Not sure what you mean by 502 problem but support can be regularly reached over email from your shop admin using the button "Get support" in apps list or writing directly email to our support.

UPDATE BECAUSE OF A UPDATE: Ok, you wrote here a hint what was the problem that bothered you, althougth I don't understand why you don't just contact our support instead of writing here - especily since you are still using the app. If you have a lot of update operations you need to wait for sync indicator in bottom right part to disaper ( update queue will fall to 0 ops in queue in this case also) before you close the browser - maybe I did not guess but again instead of cantacting us and describing problem in details you are writing here some hints.

19 Eylül 2017

I rent this app for import and export products with xls and csv files.
Unfortunately, this app does not work for import. I tried to contact with support but they did nothing. I just spend one day for preparing file for import and $6.99

Bowtiehouse Ua
Uygulamayı kullanma süresi:3 ay
11 Aralık 2021 tarihinde düzenlendi

I have a massive amount of products and I have used lots of bulk edit tools. This is the worst one and actually makes bulk editing far longer than the native tools in Shopify. If you want to waste a few hours of your life install it. I just like to update this review because the developer below has made a reference to me being JEALOUS COMPETITION... This isn't the case. But you make your own mind up.

Birleşik Krallık
Uygulamayı kullanma süresi:20 gün
Holest Engineering yanıt 11 Aralık 2021

Very strange , but it looks you used only FREE version of app for short period of time and never got an subscription. I'm not saying this might be comment form JEALOUS COMPETITION because you say you have 'massive amount of products' and you shop is yet not even online and you say you have worked a lot with bulk editing tools but I'm not sure how you got that impression when you could only edit prices and stock without ability to add product/variant, import or run some of advanced options. So it seams you never saw what this app can do because this abilities are not available without subscription. Also we never got question or support request from you. Also we know that our app is TECHNOLOGICAL WONDER compared to any other available app on the market. Anyway if you change your mind we are here to help and give you support.


31 Temmuz 2018 tarihinde düzenlendi

I was really excited about editing the titles of my 900 listings. I couldn't figure out how to upload the listings to my Shopify store. I watched all of the videos and read the tutorials. I contacted support. No one will get back to me. This app does not offer a free trial period. I paid for something I can't use.

Follow up: After, I left my review, I received this unprofessional message, "We see you complain that we don't respond. We don't have un-answered messages from you in our inboxes. If you need help you should write to us, not just fire negative reviews."

Then, they also responded to my inquiry ticket which I placed over a week ago in another message. They are disorganized.

Amerika Birleşik Devletleri
Uygulamayı kullanma süresi:6 gün
14 Mart 2023

It's buggy, it's unreliable. It doesn't have the option to update, it just updates in real time. Due to a problem in the system, we lost all products.

There is backup only for viewing, it makes no sense.

Variation import and link with the parent product does not work via Excel.

Entering variations into the application doesn't work either.

Uygulamayı kullanma süresi:5 gün
Holest Engineering yanıt 14 Mart 2023


we are sorry you did not get along with our app.
You can consult with us whenever you need.

You can export data from backup history mode for choosen day and just import it back into your current data.

Import does have commit and preview. Not sure why you say "Variation import and link with the parent product does not work via Excel", its easy and you have preview so you can not make mistake.


12 Haziran 2018

Bad import experience, Waste my money

Çin Hong Kong ÖİB
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19 Nisan 2018 tarihinde düzenlendi

I only have 5000 SKUs, but this app is SO SLOW. Are these reviews fake?

I'm more upset that I WASTED MY TIME, trying to make it work.

Amerika Birleşik Devletleri
Uygulamayı kullanma süresi:1 gün
24 Haziran 2020

The free version does not allow you to edit and save tags. This had so much potential but it doesn't let you even edit basic product information, you have to pay. There might as well not even be a free plan for this app. Wasted my time.

Amerika Birleşik Devletleri
Uygulamayı kullanma süresi:Yaklaşık 1 saat
Holest Engineering yanıt 25 Haziran 2020


on the Shopify app store app page there is an clear pricing plan description that states capabilities of the free version. Not sure why you would expect otherwise than stated there.


8 Şubat 2017

Nice idea, but didn't work for us. Constantly freezing.

Vapeamericainc Com
Birleşik Krallık
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