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19 oktober 2021

Website is copied without any metafield or any website or theme option. All pages, catalogues and products are copied without metadata requiring separate extensions to finish the job. No setting whatsoever is migrated. Obviously they don't allow you to try before paying 99$, such a shady practice...

Avery Perfume Gallery
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Rewind heeft geantwoord 22 oktober 2021

Hi there. My name is Maura, and I work on the product team here at Rewind. We are sorry you had difficulty with Rewind Copy.

We strive to copy as much data as possible from store to store. Unfortunately, there are some Shopify imposed limitations that we have no way around. For example, it's impossible for us to copy store settings.

We understand that copying metadata is important, and we are currently offering metadata copies as a beta feature, available upon request. You (and anyone else) are welcome to access this beta feature.

As for the theme copy, I'm sorry to hear you felt it was incomplete. We copy most of the theme automatically, and package up remaining theme images for easy import into the destination. We've helped many merchants duplicate their theme with this approach.

All that said, we hate to miss your expectations, and so have issued you a complete refund. We've also reached out to your directly over email with hopes we can guide you to you a better Copy experience.

22 december 2018

Realize that this app does not copy everything.
It does not copy over your navigation. In my case it failed to copy about a quarter of the collections at all, and in those that it did copy, it failed to populate some of them.
It also does not copy over images that are not product.
So, while this saved a hundred hours of duplicating things, I still have to carefully go through every little bit of stuff to see where this app has screwed up and still have to manually upload photo's and configure other apps whose information did not transfer.

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28 december 2019

Very slow. stared a task with 270 items to copy about 2 days ago and still not complete (still running).

CSGO Merch
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Rewind heeft geantwoord 6 januari 2020

Hi there,

Thanks so much for sharing your feedback. When it comes to copying, the amount of items being copied over can certainly have an impact on how long it takes. For a copy with 270 items, it should finish quite quickly, usually within a few minutes, as we leverage Shopify’s systems to perform the copy as quickly as it will let us.

We’ve looked into your particular copy job and it would appear as though it was cancelled within a minute of it being initiated which is why the task never completed. We’ve reached out to you to see if we can lend a hand as we’d love for you to re-run the copy. Please feel free to check for our message so we can help further!

29 mei 2018

Failed to bring across all theme settings. Awaiting supports assistance.

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