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Bewerkt 16 november 2018

This is the first review I've ever written on the Shopify app store, and I'm writing it because I think a solution like it is what the community really needs.

First off, this app is by no means creating a complete duplicate of your master store—I found that out the hard way when I realised that a theme copy did nothing a manual move couldn't do. I had many a custom-made change to my theme and they did not move, and I paid US$19 for something I could have done myself in three minutes.

With that being said, the limitations of the app seem to be because of Shopify's imposed limitations on app developers, not because of a lack of competence on the app developers' part; I'm sure they are trying to cram it with features.

All in all, the main reason one would be utilising this app is to create as a close a clone as possible of the one's main store. This app stills fails to deliver a complete experience, but I am looking forward to what's in store—and am still adequately happy with what has been provided thus far.

No other app seems to match it at the moment.

P.S. The customer service I received was superb.

Household Inventions
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29 december 2020

De app is not that perfect. The "select products" function is very poor. It doesn't makes it easy to select fast a group of products and the selection is not working good (if i select products and go to the next page to select more products, the clear the products i already selected. If i select an collection most of the time the products in this selection are not copied. Maybe this has something to do with the fact that we built up our collections by tag/productgroup/ supplier. But it is still not that easy to work and it cost you some many (3 dollar for an empty collection is expensive). But if you have build up your collections on the right way, it works good, fast and is not expensive.

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Rewind heeft geantwoord 3 maart 2021

Hey! Thanks for commenting! I'm Kaleigh, head of Customer Support. I've definitely passed on your feedback about the multi-select to our product team to work on!

As for the collection issue - manual collections are formatted slightly differently than smart collections from an API standpoint. With Smart collection copy turned on (a beta feature of ours) we can copy the rules of a collection AND the products within them but it's not the same for manual.

Let me know if you're doing further copies and I can have smart collection copies turned on for you :)

-Kaleigh Harley

7 april 2020

Used this app to copy 'collections' over to our Development account. I didn't need all collections, just new/current ones, enough to maintain an updated testing environment. Opted for the 'pay per item' plan. Was able to successfully copy the collections i needed... if the below could be addressed, it'd be a much better experience:

No Pagination or count- No idea how many pages i have to scroll through, or items to select from.

No filters - Can't filter items to quickly select 'what i need/not what i don't'. i.e. Filter by automated collections, # of products merchandised in a collection, when the collection was last updated, etc.

Can't select 'all on page' and continue to next page w/out losing the previous selection - i have to manually select every item.

Once a task is in progress - there's a button on the top right to "start a new task" i did this, and when i submitted it, i got an error saying previous task must be completed before starting a new one and i lost all of the very tedious work i had already done. Remove the option/ if it's not an option.

Selections that have already been copied over, are still in the list. There's no way to keep track of where you left off or what's already been copied, because again, there's no pagination or counts, just a 'previous/next' button.

Verenigde Staten
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Rewind heeft geantwoord 13 april 2020

Thank you for writing this review! We're always eager to hear product feedback and we want Replay to be the best app it can be.

Our product team has reached out to you by email to dig into this a little more - keep an eye out for it! Or you can email directly :)

Bewerkt 11 mei 2023

This app used to be decent, now they want $99 per month + $29 for additional stores. They used to have an option where by you pay as you go for the items you wanted to transfer over, and this made sense, unfortunately no longer available, so we have moved to competitor that does offer this pricing model.

The app worked well, I do still think the pricing is unworkable for most and am really disappointed pay as you go is no longer available.

Ardour Sandals
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Rewind heeft geantwoord 11 mei 2023

Hi there, thank you for taking the time to leave a review, and we appreciate your pricing feedback. We currently offer a free 7-day trial that allows you to run unlimited copy tests, which can be cancelled anytime. We encourage you to check out our Protection Suite bundle, which includes Backups, Staging and more at a discounted monthly cost. Please do not hesitate to reach us at if you have any questions or need assistance.