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18. červen 2024

Great product to sync your products to other stores, works perfectly. Been using this app for over 5 years.

The Lighting Outlet
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16. květen 2024

We have been using Syncio for a number of years to sync inventory and data between stores; it couldn't be easier to set up and it saves us so much time!

Blue Bungalow NZ
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14. červen 2024

I did a lot of research into syncing between stores and Syncio has been by far the best solution for me as a destination store. The onboarding of source stores/vendors is very simple thanks to Syncio's invitation function. The team has also been incredibly responsive and helpful.

Inside Outdoor
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17. květen 2024

I used this app to sync inventory and product updates between my b2c and b2b store. It works seamlessly. It is very easy to use.

RV6 Wholesale
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3. duben 2024

We have installed the app and found that the app will hackjack the inventory sync even if you didn't turn it on. We had turned on the product sync only but it keeps updating our store inventory. We used another multistore app for inventory sync and it makes double count. Then we have disconnected and realised that the ALL inventory has been removed after disconnection. And our live website keeps hidden our products, we missed lots of sales. Then we tried to uninstall it, the removing inventory tasks won't STOP. And we tried to contact them with email only during the Australia business hours (This company is Melbourne based and we are Sydney based). And there is no one replied us back for more than 2 hours as this critical period. They have removed 600+ SKU and keeps removing the inventory. We even tried to contacted their CEO and founder in LinkedIn but no response still.

Sage and Paige USA
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Vývojář Syncio odpověděl 7. duben 2024

Thanks for your review, we are really sorry about your experience with Syncio, we got into business to help great businesses such as Sage and Paige, not cause problems, so this one has been disappointing for us too.

We do want to clarify a few points in the review so that hopefully this helps align our shared understanding of the experience better, but also to help others who may be considering using Syncio in the future:

1. Syncio is an inventory syncing app so by default inventory sync will be turned on, not off. If you want inventory sync to be off, you can do this by requesting with our customer support team to turn this off.
2. Syncio can zero out stock in the Destination Store when you disconnect the Source Store (either by disconnecting via Syncio or uninstalling Syncio). This is to prevent oversell as the Destination Store inventory will no longer be updated. In your case, this was obviously not the preferred approach as you had another multistore app that was syncing inventory for you already. In this situation, we can do better to understand your setup and better inform you of the consequences of using two multistore inventory apps at the same time. You can also disconnect a Source Store without zeroing stock in Syncio as well - again, we will look into better educating our users around this option in our UX and help guides.
3. There was contact made to the CEO and founder on Linkedin, and there was a response within an hour, despite Linkedin being an out-of-app channel. We take the feedback on to try and reply as soon as we can. It was unfortunate that this time around we were unable to respond as fast as we normally could.

2. květen 2024

Una app che mi ha svoltato la vita. Il servizio clienti è ottimo, hanno risposto ed effettuato modifiche custom in base alle mie richieste.

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7. březen 2024

Super easy to set up and easy to manage. App is very fast and allows our users to sync up to 10k products from our inventory. Customer service answered all our questions and took out suggestions for new features.
It has been very helpful to our business!

My Beauty Site
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12. leden 2024

The app does what it should do. But more important, customer service is great! Quick contact and always a solution.
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16. listopad 2023

We've been using Syncio for our activewear store for quite a while and we've had a great experience using the app for store. It has significantly reduced the time spent on manually checking and updating stock levels, streamlining our processes efficiently. What's equally impressive is their exceptional customer service, always responsive and genuinely invested in our success. Syncio is a vital tool for our business, ensuring accurate inventory management and operational efficiency.

Be Activewear
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31. srpen 2023

We have been using Syncio for a number of years and it has worked consistently well. Easy to troubleshoot and decent customer support.

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