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Theme Switcher

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Switch between themes from the front end of your site

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Podrobnosti o Theme Switcher


  • Theme Switcher by Anh Kiet gives your users the ability to switch between themes from the front end of your site. Visitors with the opportunity to choose different theme designs quickly and easily.

  • Visitors can freely choose to use the theme they like. So you can combine with some tracking services to run A/B Tests for Shopify themes.


  • Add a theme switcher to the site of site to allow visitors to switch the theme they see on your site
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Easily configure or turn on/off the theme switcher with the click of a mouse
  • There is no limit of themes


  • Absolutely, 100%, no coding required! Theme Switcher will never ask you to edit template files, or configure your Shopify template files.


  • Work with any themes
  • Works on mobile devices


  • After Installing "Theme Switcher by Anh Kiet" into your site. You can go to Dashboard page of this app to set configuration or activate / inactivate the app by click into button. Start there.


You can change the following options at any time:

  1. Switcher Position: Set position of switcher on site.
  2. Enable Switcher on Mobile: Enable / Disbale switcher on mobile devices.
  3. Themes: Choose themes for switching.

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My Forbidden Leads is a DBA of John Carson Lester Jr & TeleDistributors Call Center

This is the kind of app I really love. It's simple, it's focused on accomplishing a simple but very important thing, theme switching in this case, it's super easy to use, it's totally dummy proof, and it's appropriately priced. And the developer is responsive. What more could you want? I'm surprised there aren't a lot more positive reviews here and I suspect, in time, there will be. Five stars, good job. :)


Awesome! This is exactly what i've been looking for.