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Data modifica: 30 maggio 2024

I had a bad experience with Tidio. Lost days to try to solve email forwarding and domain problem not completely solved so at the end I give up! The guys from the customer service are nice I think a "customer service app" should have personnel from customer support available 24/7. Lucky that store was not running yet!
Sorry guys, tell the owner/s to invest some more on improving this app which could be a nice app!

2 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
5 marzo 2024

Tidio is a great app for creating bots and the support team is phenomenal. They respond quickly, accurately and can solve problems efficiently. Thank you for creating such a valuable app that could be a well needed asset to any site. The support is phenomenal!

Richwoods Technology
Stati Uniti
Circa un mese di utilizzo dell’app
TIDIO LLC ha risposto 9 marzo 2024

Thank you very much for such kind words -- it truly made our day to know you're satisfied with both -- the product and support received.

22 febbraio 2024

Running a business with Tidio is like being in the year 2033, a decade ahead of competitors. The more I explore, the more impressed I am. Firstly, the developers aren't solely motivated by money, offering a chance to use the product for free with fully operational key features. The AI chat, dashboard, and email marketing are intuitive and brilliantly designed. The UI/UX is incredible and stylish. I planned to wait before writing this review, but I couldn't resist. You must try it for yourself. Highly recommended!

25 giorni di utilizzo dell’app
6 maggio 2024

Complicated to understand...dashboard is cluttered...way, way too much going on in a disorganized manner

BellMar Ranch and Gardens
12 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
TIDIO LLC ha risposto 4 giugno 2024

Thank you for the review, we're sorry to hear that you consider our app that way. If there is anything you would like us to assist you with, please reach out to us at support@tidio.net or reply to the email we sent from that address. We'll do our best to clarify any doubts you may have regarding Tidio functions.

12 marzo 2024

This conversational AI significantly simplifies my daily tasks, effectively filtering out unwarranted messages from spammers and persistent salespeople attempting to promote their products in my store. Beyond just streamlining communication, it enables me to engage with individuals only when necessary, sparing me from unnecessary conversations. Additionally, the chatbot is a highly proficient sales team member who excels in driving sales initiatives.

Wonders Emporium Pet Shop
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5 giorni di utilizzo dell’app
TIDIO LLC ha risposto 13 marzo 2024

Thank you!! We're thrilled to hear Lyro, our AI solution, is streamlining your communications and filtering unwanted messages. Your satisfaction is our top priority! This review means a lot to us!

Best, Olek - Tidio

6 febbraio 2024

If you have any doubts about using the app, as I did, just contact support and everything will be resolved. The app is great once AI Chatbots are optimized.

Little Sofie
Regno Unito
7 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
16 febbraio 2024

It's a platform that boost your sales and make you connect to your customers easily

Bams Deal
24 giorni di utilizzo dell’app
5 febbraio 2024

This would be a great app if the plans and pricing were executed correctly. I have a 50 lyro limit (which i paid for on three separate sites). At the end of every month they claim I have gone over this limit, even though i have not. I go back and count up all the conversations and i'm never actually over the limit yet they suspend service anyways. Customer service is unhelpful and combative when trying to discuss this. I would not utilize their service until they develop a better approach to doing business in general.

Just Chair Mats
Stati Uniti
3 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
18 maggio 2024

Good job!!

Rewood Art
14 giorni di utilizzo dell’app
TIDIO LLC ha risposto 4 giugno 2024

Thank you for your review!

24 aprile 2024

Muito bom !!! Gosto de mais do fato de ele fazer quase tudo!

VR LIFE - Technology Game Store™
18 giorni di utilizzo dell’app