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13. duben 2024

I love the creativity and the templates make content much easier to create and much more accessible to those without too much experience.

Born, Bred & Buttered
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23. březen 2024

Tiktok is the super amazing platform where you can reach millions of your real customers. Thanks

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23. únor 2024

Very easy to set up in shopify and connect to their store. Tiktok team is VERY responsible and quick which is awesome. None of the other social media's are as quick to respond as TikTok is and that is why TikTok will stay around and go far as a social media platform. Sometimes I think their policies are strict compared to others, and their appeal process needs a little tweaking- but I think as a new social media platform they will figure that stuff out as they grow. Capcut is AWESOME.

Golden Tallow
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24. únor 2024

The set up was easy and to the point.... I appreciate that, it took a lot of stress off me.

Your Space Essentials
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10. únor 2024

As we know, this platform is so powerful now. Lots of potencial here and business account easy to set up.

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1. březen 2024

Ease of installation. Looking forward to bringing in more customers for our retail business. TikTok has a great selling platform but now I need to learn the tools that are available.

C & A Engraving and Gifts
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27. březen 2024

I liked it, it was simple, not like many others out there that take like forever to set up.

Atlantean Globals Services
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9. únor 2024

Setting up was easier then i had though.
now to see it work.

Perfume Body Oil and Gifts
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3. únor 2024

The setup process is still underway, but so far TikTok has been the easiest social media platform to get started on. I cannot tell you how refreshing that is. Hopefully the rest of the start up process is as easy and stress free as it has been so far. Fingers crossed.

River Front Creations Store
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23. leden 2024

Great app very please a few things need to be worked out in any new connection of platforms. Selling on tik tok shop and connectinf my shopify shop to the tik tok shop is a game changer. Thank you

Curvy QUEENS Fashions and More
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