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15. květen 2024

While I’m having some troubles getting my shop approved, the experience overall has been absolutely great. Here and on the native apps as well.

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29. únor 2024

everytime i reach out is amazing but i dont understand why my account hasnt been approved.

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8. květen 2024

Easy to setup with Shopify though I would like to make a feedback about setting up my Tiktok shop. It is quite difficult to put in products.

Flavo Mix and Coffeena Distributor
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10. únor 2024

As we know, this platform is so powerful now. Lots of potencial here and business account easy to set up.

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6. březen 2024

Just set up TixTox for Business. Excited to see how it works. Hoping it will help me to scale my business. BRB to let you all know.

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29. duben 2024

As a beginner on line store! Heard a lot about tik tok helping them lounge their store in selling their products. Hopefully is the same for me.I am a rookie here, but I catch on fast.

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22. březen 2024

It was very easy to setup an advertisement and start advertising. Recommend to anyone looking to advertise on TikTok.

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22. březen 2024

What can I say; button presses and you are ready to go on setup.
The only issue that would come up is the signing in with the TikTok profile itself, so make sure your Company account is within your purview.

RnA ReSet
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18. duben 2024

I strongly recommend that businesses start using TikTok. It is an easy-to-use platform with a lot of growth potential.

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25. duben 2024

I would not recommend. To cumbersum to manage and no leniency at all. too many restrictions

Ocean Botanicals
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