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19. říjen 2022

There's better apps with free plans. There's better apps with free plans. There's better apps with free plans.

Wye Delta LLC
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Vývojář Kairock Partners SRL odpověděl 20. říjen 2022

Hi there,

I can see that this is a review given in anger. I empathize with you because times are tough and there is no shortage of reasons to be angry. I am often angry when heavily stressed and any little thing can set me off.

In my experience often the only cure for our anger especially when it relates to other people is just talking it out and finding common ground and solutions. I have reached out to you and hope you will choose to talk to me because I really want to talk to you and understand you better.

For other people reading this I will also provide some context for our discussion here:

1) You have used up your free plan with us (because the app does have a free plan for your first 10 pre-orders - by that I mean orders that contain at least one active pre-order variant).

2) I reached out as I do to all of our customers when this happens, to congratulate you and to let you know that you should consider upgrading.

3) I also informed you that we have a 24 hour grace period from when you are informed until the service is disabled.

4) You acknowledge my message and told me you would be looking into other apps.

5) I thanked you for informing me and respected your decision. I did not make any comment, try to sell you anything or did anything try to make you change your mind.

6) Then I take it that you did not actually look for another app in fact and as you were informed the service was cancelled after the 24 hours had passed.

There was nothing out of the ordinary here in my experience but perhaps there are other things I do not know about and am ready and eager to learn more from you if you will choose to have a conversation with me. I hope you do so we can both feel better about this.

Thank you for reading this,

Andrei from Timesact