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21. březen 2024

The app is really versatile. I can adjust my subscription according to what I need and scale it up or down. All the features are pretty useful - from pre-order, back-in-stock notifications. I recommend new users to get on their guided setup call because they will guide you through their dashboard and show you what can be customised to improve your customers' experience. Overall, very happy with the app and their support.

Wombat Ware
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8. duben 2024

Had a very time efficient and effective call with Jolo. He walked me through the new selling plan I needed and how to set it up for any future pre order campaigns. We also went over the additional email to the customer confirming their pre-order and the estimated shipping date.

Great Customer Service.

iRange Sports
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10. březen 2024

Jon and his team have literally gone beyond the call of duty for me and my company plenty of times in just a short time span. It’s been close to a year now that we’ve been working together on some things and I have zero complaints about him. HIGHLY recommend! He’s always ready when I need help on something. Even for the littlest of things, and that’s what I appreciate the most. That, and the communication/transparency are things that I value and treasure the most, not just in business, but in life as well. You will not regret working with him. That I can promise you.

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17. březen 2024

I’ve been using this app for pre orders for over a year now without any issues at all, last night we encountered our first problem after changing our website theme and our pre orders not working, I got in touch with support and it was resolved within 12 hours. Fantastic service.

The Wanderlust ones
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14. březen 2024

Timesact has revolutionized my online store with its effortless discount and pre-order features, but it was Kate's exceptional customer service that truly won me over. Her expertise, warmth, and dedication shone through every interaction, making my journey with Timesact incredibly smooth and rewarding. Kate went above and beyond, ensuring that every question was answered and every need was met with unmatched professionalism and care. It's not just an app; it's a game-changer for your business, backed by a team that truly cares about your success. If you're on the hunt for an app that delivers outstanding results and comes with top-tier support, Timesact is the way to go. Highly recommended!

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7. únor 2024

Robert was able to fix the issue of Backorder showing up on the product page when a product was out of stock by removing the BACKORER badge. Now the potential purchaser is taken to the order page and then will see that the product is sold out and on backorder...BUT will be presented with the option of providing their email so that we can contact them when the product is back in stock and hopefully complete the sale. So now folks won't potentially just "walk away" and we have no idea of who they are and how to follow up with them. Great job, Robert!

Keep It In The Black
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11. březen 2024

Very good App, easy to use compared with others that I have tried and it's very functional. Even when small problems have arisen customer service are quick to answer and quick to resolve. Recommend to Install if you are looking for a good program to cater to your pre-order needs.

Engaging Minds
Nový Zéland
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9. únor 2024

The developers on the guided set up call are great in showing you how to get the most out of the app. We now use this app to communicate with customers when items are going to arrive back in stock and allow them to place orders beforehand.

Equipped Gym
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30. březen 2024

Phenomenal support. First time I ever got to sit back and let something get fixed. Thank You

Lièvre Shop
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9. duben 2024

Have been very pleased with the app generally anyway, but needed to query a potential issue that came up. Very quick response and provided a helpful solution. Can't ask for more!

Harbour City Dog Gear
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