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26. prosinec 2023

This app functions exactly like I had hoped. I’ve tried two other pre-order apps, and they were missing some of the features that I find absolutely critical for my business. Not only that, any issues that I’ve had, their customer support is fast and efficient. Highly recommend.

Panther Lights
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9. duben 2024

The support is top tier! Very responsive, quick to act, and genuinely very nice people to deal with.

Smithers Swimwear
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11. únor 2024

I had an issue where the pre-order was not showing on my listing and Rommel fixed it right away. The pre-order is functioning as it should. Thank you!

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22. únor 2024

Their customer service is stellar! Always responded immediately and solve the issues I have as soon as they can.

A Little Fish Fashion Boutique
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6. únor 2024

Great customer service! I was having a problem with pre-order badges not showing up and Pam fixed it right away for me!

Poliquin Wholesale
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5. leden 2024

Wow! Timesact not only has an incredibly intuitive user interface that allows anyone to feel comfortable to go in and set up pre-orders but where I'm really surprised is with the level of care for customer support.

I've needed their assistance with a few custom attributes on our store, and their tech team is incredibly responsive at all hours. Honestly a fantastic solution for pre-orders.

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15. leden 2024

I've just started using the app so I don't have much data to report back with ... but the customer support was very good. They helped me custom setup at a very late hour!

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20. prosinec 2023

I’m very happy to have switched to your app. Great functionality and support have been amazing. Really appreciate. As a small business owner wearing many hats, often multiple ones at the same time, this kind of support can make a massive difference in time of need. Yesterday, because of stock issues, I had to prepare different pre-order messages in such a hurry before heading to the airport and credit to Pam who was fantastic. Keep up the great work.

TROVERR Australia
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14. únor 2024

Customer Service is very quick and helpful! We love this app for our Pre-Orders.

Hair Made Easi
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29. prosinec 2023

I'm blown away by everything this app does, even with the free version! Jolo & Joanna in support were very helpful during the free setup call. The app is very user friendly and it makes it easy to do presales and back in stock notifications. Definitely recommend.

World With You Boutique
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