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6. prosinec 2023

So far so good, even the tracker page looks good

Luna X
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15. prosinec 2018

Good app but very expensive, I installed the app when it first came out, but they tripled their pricing as we went into December 2018 and no email to notify us about it, I only found out when a customer said he could not track his order on here, charges per tracking, so if the same customer looks at the order 4x in one day it counts as 4 tracks. I am looking into other tracking apps on the market now.

Freedom Travel Gear
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8. duben 2022

I like Tracktor for the information it provides to our customers but I am really disappointed that I need ANOTHER app in order to change order status automatically. I can't use Shopify Flow. The main reason I installed this app in the first place was to be able to update our customers as to where their order was in our processing queue based on the time that has passed. We may keep it installed on our store and we may not. I haven't decided yet.

Curl Warehouse
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13. květen 2020

The tracking fields and email address fields move to the left side of the page - debut theme. Please help

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6. srpen 2018

Haven't used it yet but just installed and I have really high expectations! Love it so far though and will be following up.

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4. květen 2019

I actually like the app definitely good! BUT man it can get expensive, Look into other options if you cant afford at least the 100 a month option. Because once you pass 100 orders the price jumps to 100 a month!

Fanny Pack Shoppe
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18. červen 2020

I installed the app with the intent of integrating it into our site. Unfortunately, the tracking app loads from the shopify side so customizing the look an feel of the application page & results was limited for our purposes. Simply no way to do and page customization as it did not create an editable page wrap where you could bring in elements around what was being loaded into the page.

Functional, but limiting if you're looking to do customization on the actual tracking page.
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