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Muokattu 30. marraskuu 2022

This app is great and it helps a lot with the translations. This proves again that Shopify is taking steps in the right direction to make us easier to sell in international markets. Compared to others, I like from this app that you can customize the translations for every market. In addition, the app has been built-in within Shopify, so it does not reduce the speed of the store (as other third-party apps do). What´s more, the app is free and I think you can translate up to 2 languages automatically (I am sure in the near future they will offer more). At the beginning, I had some issues with the app (apparently there was a bug that has already been corrected), but I understand this can happen when a new app is launched. The most important thing is that the team behind this is very professional and diligent, so they put all the effort to fix it really fast. Congratulations for this useful app and I am sure it will keep improving even more in the future.

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1. joulukuu 2022

This app has saved us a lot of time as it is a big improvement compared to the previous CSV-Upload process, especially when we have to make small temporary changes on multiple locations in our web shop. The usability is really good. I have not tried the auto-translate feature yet but will try it in the future.

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Muokattu 28. elokuu 2023

Thank you - very good!
Solved my problems!

If you want to sell your product all over the world, then you can immediately be prepared for the fact that automatic translation is only possible for two languages.
There is no possibility to get additional automatic translation even by paying extra money.

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Shopify vastasi 3. heinäkuu 2023

Hi there, thanks for the review and sorry to hear the problems. Contact us at localization-product-team@shopify.com and we'll work through; what you've highlighted is largely possible.

Muokattu 18. toukokuu 2023

The app generally works fine and does the job, I only use it to manually translate English content to Hungarian.
I had a huge problem recently by (probably) misunderstanding how to change language in Shopify backend and all my translations were gone.

Shopify support couldn't do much about it (tried to deal with them for 4 days) but it all changed when the app developer contacted me and I need to admit he turned every stone to recover my lost translations (a huge amount of work!) which he did!

He was always available, promt, and besides solving my issues, he gave me guidance how to deal with language related problems and other Shopify things.

I'm greatful he saved me from doing my translations from scratch and I can only recommend you contacting Rich as he's your man when it comes to solving translations related questions!

Sol Deli
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Shopify vastasi 15. toukokuu 2023

Hi folks, very sorry to hear this. This is Shopify admin rather than the app (as this would happen with any compatible app) but it's the same team and we totally recognise the frustration and will do what we can to help. It should be possible to get an export of your deleted Hungarian which you can reupload; we'll get back to you. One thing to check on - it shouldn't be the case that there was a warning saying Translate & Adapt translations won't be lost. There is nothing unique about how the app translates. If you can find something like that please send to localization-product-team@shopify.com . Changing the default language changes the locale code associated with content entered into admin, rather than swapping all the content used in admin for the translations made. We'll work to make that more intuitive.

26. heinäkuu 2023

I love the idea of been able to reach customers who speak other languages specially in the USA where people comes from different backgrounds and ethnicities. Is a little bit limited with numbers of the languages that can be translated to, but other than that I love the app.

J&S Italian Imports
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30. kesäkuu 2023

The translation is very useful, but it can only automatically translate two languages. Once translated, you cannot go back and switch to other languages. Hope to increase the number of languages for automatic translation soon.

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20. tammikuu 2023

works now, Good save!
makes localization a breeze, fantastically integrated. Auto-translate function is a beautiful feature, even for languages we speak fluently as it's easier to make the occasional correction than it is to write everything multiple times from scratch.

10/10 would autotranslate again

Angelwax USA
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12. kesäkuu 2023

The app is great. The only thing that could be improved is if changing the source language text would also automatically change the already translated texts. Currently, you have to delete the part and translate it again. Nonetheless, it deserves 5 stars because it's free for up to 2 languages.

Mija Esro
27 päivää sovelluksen käyttöä
20. huhtikuu 2023

This app is great, but the only issue i have come across is that if i select a different language the app changes the product template i made. Is there a way to set this right?

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4. lokakuu 2022

Great functionality and easy to use. I had hard coded extra headings into the theme code and it was a simple process of rather adding these to the locale file and then they became available within the app for easy translation.

Champion Power Equipment EU
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