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24. srpen 2023

Terrible app. It does not help you add any Hreflang and Canonical Tags onto the translated content.

Signed up the highest plan and paid for content translation by words for 8+ languages and get panelized for duplicated content by Google.

When you find out your SEO performance dropped it is late. We lost tens of thousands of revenue because of this app.

Support is lackluster at best, slow response time and not helpful.

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6. září 2023

This is not a useful app. The automatic translation is all or nothing, including archived / obsolete products, URL handles so your links break, etc. There is no way so choose what you want and don't want translated without a very tedious manual process. Choose something else...

EMF Harmony
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7. prosinec 2023

I have no effect with real -time translation function. And I canceled the subscription after paying $ 15.99, and the previous subscription function was gone. This is a scam!!!!

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7. červen 2023

They ask for 5 stars review in exchange for free 3 languages. So every 5* are not that accurate just for free stuff

Ultimate Gainz
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28. červen 2023

Abbiamo avuto esperienze con diverse App, e se tenete veramente al vostro business, questa è la prima a dover evitare. Piena di Bug che si intrecciano fra loro. In tutto questo l'assistenza non è mai online e ti risponde dopo giorni. Quindi per poter risolvere le problematiche i tempi diventano pressochè insostenibili. Non si giustificano e ti lasciano da solo a cercare di risolvere il tutto autonomamente senza nessun tipo di considerazione e occhi di riguardo nei confronti del cliente che paga l'abbonamento.

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22. květen 2024

At first glance everything suggests that you have found the application of your dreams, there are positive evaluations, the offer and the promises in the offer.
But once installed and chosen your plan, you fall from very high.
Non-existent customer service.
They promise you unlimited translations, automation, etc. but then it plunges you into their settings, the basic translation and the advanced one and suddenly you don't know who, what, or how much. Manipulation, it smacks of fraud.
You contact the chat to your right at the bottom of the screen to have it logically as is the case for all worthy applications, but no one is on the horizon for hours. A waste of time.
They charged me $19.99, I request a cancellation and I withdraw from the purchase. I didn't even use any service or your so called customer service. Just a huge waste of time.

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30. září 2023

useless app for a medium-sized store, it barely translated 10% and asked for paying for extra fees

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7. červenec 2023

Sadly, giving a one-star rating. 1) There is no live support. Super frustrating having an issue and having to wait for an email response without knowing how long it might take. 2) Search functionality is very limited. You can only see "translated," "non-translated," or "all" content. Need to filter a particular metafield called myfields.example? Bad luck. You'll need to go through one of the categories mentioned before. And they don't even show the metafield name. 3) The app presents bugs, such as product images not showing. 4) It does not show all values. For example, when checking a product, I'm missing quite a few metafields the product has. They simply are not on the list. All in all, I'm a big fan of Hextom bulk product edit, but this app does not make the cut. I will be asking a refund and finding a better solution.

Canvas by Numbers
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Datum úprav: 14. březen 2023

Of all the opinions that I have been able to provide about applications, this is going to be the first about the poor Customer Service...

I explain to him that I have some "hreflang" and canonical errors that I can't solve, I show him a screenshot ... and the person from Hextom just tells me, I literally quote her message:

"I believe this should be removed. The canonical is not needed if you have reflang"

And it is over! nor how I do it, nor that they are going to do it ... the minimum effort and the worst thing is that she says "I believe is ..."
sorry? tell me something that you are sure of! that for that you are the technical support of the application!

That only prolongs the messages because I will have to respond: "and how do I delete it?" Can you confirm with someone on your team that this is really what needs to be removed and how?

We have already done many manual translations and wanted to know if it worked well before to update the payment plan, but the truth ... I do not know what to do.

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Datum úprav: 10. květen 2024

Update after 3 years:
I am so done with this app. Especially the "Manual Translation Part"
Prepare for "something wrong while saving the translation, please try again later"-errors all the time. I have no interest anymore in working with the app's support team, because next time I need to work with the app it's either the same error again or something new. Like always.

Also this app is very poorly translated. Which is especially sad because it's a translation app.


It's a wonderful app, that you can use for free if you are using the manual translation. I've used it to translate ten of thousands of words and it works mostly without problems. If something doesn't work, support is there to help you!

However, they released a big update in January 2023 which caused some parts of the app to not work correctly or at all for almost four weeks. It didn't affect translations that were already saved in shopify, but it prevented us from adding new translation in several cases.
After the update works correctly, I see that it includes really helpful functionalities, but I really wish they will be more careful in the future when implementing new stuff.

Tinkering Paws
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