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6. prosinec 2023

Absolutely great and wonderful idea! I had some requests about custom changes (text/ language) and Saif replied very fast and released the update asap. The shop customers seem to love the idea as well and choose the „pay extra for 3 additional trees“-option very often.

Mindprints Design
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Vývojář Goodapi odpověděl 9. prosinec 2023

Thank you so much for taking the time to review! Happy to hear that your customers are also engaging with the sustainability initiative. Let's reforest the world!

31. prosinec 2023

I love this app, it's such a beautiful concept. The App is smooth and so simple to use, and the owner Saif is wonderful. He helped me right away with some customization that I needed, he was so helpful and such a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend all business owners to join this project and help our world together!

Human Soul Shop
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Vývojář Goodapi odpověděl 1. leden 2024

Thanks Human Soul Shop team! We are so excited to have you on this mission to reforest the world together!

2. leden 2024

So easy to set up, with attractive banners and messaging for our website. Planting trees can be set up per order or item purchased, plus I can offer to plant a tree for newsletter sign ups now. Very friendly and quick support, I would highly recommend!

Ralph's Orchard
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Vývojář Goodapi odpověděl 3. leden 2024

Thanks Ralph's Orchard team! The idea to plant a tree for every newsletter subscriber was brilliant! and we are so happy that we could improve the product further with you . Happy New Year!

21. listopad 2023

I really liked reading the other reviews as they mirror exactly how my experience has been with Saif and the app and it's nice to know they are consistent with everyone. Brilliant!
If you would like a smart looking seamless app, that gives back to the planet in way that is doable for any business size, big or small.
If you would like flexibility and friendly help to customise your store with this cool app.
Look no further, great addition to any store!

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Vývojář Goodapi odpověděl 9. prosinec 2023

Many thanks for sharing your feedback and the kind words! Looking forward to planting many trees together. Hope you have a great holiday season!

14. prosinec 2023

Great app and amazing support service. I had an issue with placing the badges on my website (which was my lack of knowledge) and they did everything possible to make the final look as i like it. Definitely recommend!!

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Vývojář Goodapi odpověděl 15. prosinec 2023

Thanks Zlatlov team for the kind words! We are here to make you and your site look good! Let’s reforest the world !

29. leden 2024

We recently made the switch from OneTreePlanted and couldn't be happier! Their trusted Shopify partnership is just what we were looking for. The team at Sprout has been amazing with site implementation help & even customizations to help fit our small team budget. We will be sticking with them - can't wait to see whats on the roadmap. Thank you guys!

Duckfeet USA
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Vývojář Goodapi odpověděl 1. únor 2024

Hey Mike, we are so excited to get this partnership started with you guys. You have already made our product better by requesting and unlocking a new feature! Looking forward to making a big impact together!

17. leden 2024

Brilliant app. It's such a beautiful addition to my store. Everything works as intended and the customer support it super. Shout out to Mirvise! He helped me translate and install the app badges in three languages.

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Vývojář Goodapi odpověděl 19. leden 2024

Thanks for the kind words Lilyssa team! We love working with our global merchants and ensuring our badges speak the language of their customers!

29. leden 2024

Simply perfect, I had issues with the installation, and Said helped me right away, always available and reliable. Thank you for everything. I highly recommend Sprout.

Leafy Key
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Vývojář Goodapi odpověděl 1. únor 2024

Thanks for the feedback and recommending us, Leafy Key Team! We focus on making the best app possible that has an impact and we grow through kind recommendations like yours. Have a wonderful day!

3. prosinec 2023

Amazing experience!! Got connected directly to the Founder ( Saif ) when I had an issue and he helped out right away!

Mob Journal
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Vývojář Goodapi odpověděl 9. prosinec 2023

Thanks! Yep, Saif and team stay close to customer needs and happy to help in any way!

21. prosinec 2023

Beautiful design and easy to use.
Saif from the support team can fix any of your problems too.

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Vývojář Goodapi odpověděl 22. prosinec 2023

Thank you LunarCare team! Your problems are our problems lol ;)
Happy holidays!