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21. září 2021

Nice app, does what we want it to do. Clean, click and easy to use. There are some bugs, but the team seem pretty quick at fixing.

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Datum úprav: 21. září 2021

"Stem for track not found. Please contact support" I have been. It would be nice to get help on this. This app is so close to being perfect. Its a shame it doesn't work out the box. Update: Got in contact with customer support. Was very helpful and fixed the issue.

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Datum úprav: 27. únor 2022

This app is great and does what its suppose to do. There are a few bad reviews on this app but Im realizing that some people aren't patient. My web designer ran into an issue with the player not showing correctly and they emailed support to fix the problem. It did take a while for them to fix the problem but they was patient. We gave them developer access and they fixed the problem and let my designer know that the problem is fixed moving forward when they install it on another site. As long as you're clear in your problem, communicate it thoroughly and be patient with their response time they will help you.

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Datum úprav: 13. duben 2022

Worth investment for your online beat store. Been searching for something that functions as a beat store and stream player. Interface is straightforward. Allows you to have multiple licenses for a beat and you can edit any metadata for your beats. Did have an issue where I couldn't upload WAVS (zips,mp3,and artworked uploaded fine) after a recent update but customer service was able to help me out same day. Salute. Overall, excited to launch my store soon and this app made it possible! In my experience, big win for the independent producer. Wouldn't say its perfect yet but there is not many other options as good as this one. Hope they continue to update the app. IF YOU COULD ALSO HAVE THE STRTEAM PLAYER PLAY WHEN NOT SELECTED ON A SPECIFIC TRACK AND WHILE SCROLLING THROUGH OTHER TRACKS THAT WOULD BE SICK TOO! That way, you don't have to select a track every time to play it or switch tracks. App still dope though

Merci Beats
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31. leden 2021

This app literally has everything a music producer would need to be successful in selling their beats. Customer service is excellent and it seems as if the app is being constantly updated.

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