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3. prosinec 2023

not working on my website

Millionair Store
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5. listopad 2023


Swiftly shine
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10. květen 2024

Não funcionou na minha loja. Warehouse.

Brasil Tem
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Vývojář Hextom odpověděl 3. červen 2024

Hi there,

Thank you for taking the time to leave feedback regarding our app. We sent you some emails to get more details so we can help, but we haven't heard back. Can you please check your inbox or spam folder, and reply to us? We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Datum úprav: 22. březen 2020

I used the app for free for a while. Worked well. Then I upgraded to 29,90$ to run the BOGO funktion. Unfortunately it didn´t work on mobile devices.
Doba používání aplikace: Více než 4 roky
Datum úprav: 7. květen 2023

No muestra inventario, no permite adicionar badges o imágenes de pago, la atención en servicio muy básica y genérica.
Nuestra pagina se pone lenta con esta App, y el soporte es bajo. Incluso tienen respuesta automatizadas, o eso parece.

TU beauty store
Doba používání aplikace: Více než 3 roky
Vývojář Hextom odpověděl 11. květen 2023


We're sorry to hear that you did not have a good experience with our Ultimate Sales Boost (USB) app. We sent you a couple of emails regarding the issues you described but we have not received a reply. If you did not receive our emails, please check your spam folder or contact us by sending an email to

The issues you described are usually caused by a theme/app conflict or because our app has not been integrated into your theme. In either case, we should be able to quickly resolve this for you. Additionally, if you found that the app's widgets did not load quickly, we have a fast loading script that fixes this issue.

Please contact us so that we can investigate and fix these issues for you.

7. květen 2020

The app has recently stopped working all of a sudden. And the support isn' replying at all. What to do?

Lachelle beauty
Doba používání aplikace: Téměř 3 roky
20. duben 2018

You can't change the placement on your theme. You also can't have two different campaigns going on one item. For example, you can't use countdown on one item while users looking is on all items.

Spojené státy
Doba používání aplikace: Téměř 2 roky
Datum úprav: 22. červen 2020

*** Warning will add significant page speed penalties ***

I've had to re rate my review, The app works well - however it has been over a year now since I first raised with the developer their substandard backend architecture.

They serve their scripts out of a US based AWS S3 Bucket. Which apart from not being AWS best practice and is needlessly costing them extra to operate - it causes massive performance problems for sites outside of the US.

In APAC I have a 1.5 second page delay added to =EVERY-= page.

The worst part is, is that switching to a CDN (Cloudfront) as all great apps use and is essential in ecommerce is a 10 min job for them being already on AWS. The simply need to setup the CDN (5 mins) and change one line of code in their app.. Also as an AWS employee I've provided them the simple information needed to do this.

They don't respond, either because it is too hard for them to bother or the speed of your website (and their cost base too!) is of no concern to them.

Very dissapeointng. Shopify really needs to mandate that ALL apps use a CDN. It is basic web scale architecture.

Number 9 Fashion
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8. duben 2019

needs custom badges in the trust badge feature. Otherwise there aren't many options to choose from,

Posh in Paris
Doba používání aplikace: Více než rokem
Datum úprav: 13. prosinec 2020

a week gone, get one email reply. we use ELLA theme not working. they reply email very slow. they not want fix our theme, so they not reply email.

Spojené státy
Doba používání aplikace: Asi rokem
Vývojář Hextom odpověděl 21. prosinec 2020

Thank you for your feedback. We have reached out to you by email and we have not heard back from you. We also checked your website and could not reproduce the issue you described.

Please check your email account when you have a moment and let us know if there's anything else we can do to resolve this to your satisfaction.