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19. květen 2024

Have this installed in a number of my stores they are really great. Love the customer support they always edit the UI to my liking whenever I ask. Thanks guys!!

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13. březen 2024

Cool feature and great team, it is indeed one of the most important features to attract more customers and make them loyal, especially on branding stage i can say it is worth the try and i ll stay on it on the long run with no doubt.

Rise Lovely Surprise
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22. březen 2024

Great so far, easy to install. I needed a bit of help as I'm not very technical but I contacted support and they helped in minutes, recommend for sure :)

Metal Art Boutique
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6. květen 2024

Very useful app, you can display possible payment options for your customer. Huge payment icon selection. Very fast and kind customers support. And the best part this app is for free!
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26. březen 2024

I was having trouble with the trust badges pulling into my collection on my home page. I reached out to support and the informed me and offered to fix the issue for me! Maria was great super helpful! Would definitely recommend this app to anyone looking for a great trust badge product.

Smokin' Hot BBQ Supplies
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7. březen 2024

I had difficulty putting the payment logo in my store, it was helped by Maria.
Maria is very efficient at her work, in a few minutes she had my problem solved, I'm very happy thank you so much.
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17. únor 2024

Super cool to see developers actually care about their customers! Every 'bear' app that i've tested has been very helpfull and effective!

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27. březen 2024

Perfect! Immediately solution and very quick!

Memento Mea
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12. duben 2024

Excellent, they helped me a lot, very effective.

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29. únor 2024

Exactly what you need, easy to use AND its free!!

A2S Fitness
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