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14. březen 2024

I've been using this app for couple of years. Very happy with the interface and data collection. Great support as well.

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9. duben 2024

Had an issue, reached out to their support team and were super helpful. They helped me identify an issue and resolve it all within the day.

Super Plak Inc.
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5. duben 2024

Great little application. The UI and general functionality of the Upload option is very good. The pricing is fair; too. We will continue to use it as it's the best one we've seen. We would however like to see this application provide additional options. We need to be able to select specific Collections and/or Products for it to show on (only if those products have been added to the users Cart). Unfortunately at the moment; this is not possible.

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Vývojář Cloudlift odpověděl 7. duben 2024

Hi Merchant, thanks for this detailed review!

Your requirement is indeed not supported automatically, but we have a guide on how to setup specific product targeting on the cart page manually.

Please reach out via support and our team will be happy to help you out!

14. únor 2024

Very well functioning app and not least super fast, kind and helpful support (almost instant replies). Can only recommend! :)

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Datum úprav: 5. prosinec 2023

I have used this app on and off and it seemed to be working fine but recently my customers have started to complain that it missed uploading the file a few times. I am losing business because of this.

*so they replied stating it is a problem with my theme (my site has same theme for 2 years now) . You guys just do not want to accept the problem and keep passing the blame to something else. Disappointing!

Doba používání aplikace: Asi 2 roky
Vývojář Cloudlift odpověděl 2. prosinec 2023

Hi Merchant, our app is used on thousands of stores without issues. There is most likely an issue on your theme, please reach out via the support button in the app and our team will check it!

Update: our app uses google cloud for file uploading, which is one of the most reliable upload services that exist on the internet. This merchant has been using our app (of course on the free plan) for two years, we always offer setup checks even on the free plan!

1. duben 2024

Very good application
Thx for all

Karakase.fr : Personnalisation totale, protection maximale.
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11. únor 2024

great app and support available

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23. listopad 2023

Been using this app since I launched my store and never once considered looking elsewhere, very helpful and prompt support team too

Soul Carbon
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10. únor 2024

great app, the support is amazing!

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9. únor 2024

Great app, thank you!

Bella Luna
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