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Datum úprav: 5. prosinec 2023

I have used this app on and off and it seemed to be working fine but recently my customers have started to complain that it missed uploading the file a few times. I am losing business because of this.

*so they replied stating it is a problem with my theme (my site has same theme for 2 years now) . You guys just do not want to accept the problem and keep passing the blame to something else. Disappointing!

Doba používání aplikace: Asi 2 roky
Vývojář Cloudlift odpověděl 2. prosinec 2023

Hi Merchant, our app is used on thousands of stores without issues. There is most likely an issue on your theme, please reach out via the support button in the app and our team will check it!

Update: our app uses google cloud for file uploading, which is one of the most reliable upload services that exist on the internet. This merchant has been using our app (of course on the free plan) for two years, we always offer setup checks even on the free plan!

2. červen 2021

Very poor customer service with little desire to solve problems and with an arrogant attitude. I do not recommend the app, there are many cheaper options and with much better treatment that facilitate everything in a matter of minutes.

Doba používání aplikace: 2 měsíci
Vývojář Cloudlift odpověděl 2. červen 2021

Merchant sent over 8 emails regarding a font issue that is unrelated to our app. We checked his theme multiple times. Customer finally threatens to use another app if we cannot fix it for him. We offer great support, but we are not your personal developer, especially when you are using the free plan.

3. listopad 2021

really bad customer support service. they didn't really seems like they wanted to solve my problem...

Eternal memories app
Doba používání aplikace: 2 dny
Vývojář Cloudlift odpověděl 3. listopad 2021

We answered all of your 5+ support requests, we even provided screenshots in our responses. If you think this justifies leaving this review, then your are ngmi.

15. leden 2022

We used this app for several months, including the last BFCM. We faced several challenges. Some orders came in with no uploaded file (even though this could be attributed to another app as we tested). Customers were getting a file type not allowed message (we enabled all file types), or customers seeing an endless spinning wheel when trying to upload (connectivity issues?). While Michael did his best to help, we left a 1-star review regardless. We were unhappy with the app's performance and all the extra work it caused. That was our subjective experience as a paid customer with two stores using this app. Until here, it would just be a merchant with a negative experience. Imagine our surprise when we received an email threatening us with cutting all store access to the app mid-BFCM if we did not take down the 1-star review by night. We were FORCED to remove the review to avoid sales disruption in our best-selling product in the middle of the most important sales campaign of the year. We reported this to the Shopify Partner department for investigation; email captures included. We have been in business for over four years, and NEVER we were never threatened before based on a review. We switched apps as soon as BFCM was over. Unbelievable. Sometimes, you'll get a negative review even if you do your best. It happens to everyone. You don't reach out to the customer threatening him with actions to have it removed!

Canvas by Numbers USA
Vývojář Cloudlift odpověděl 15. leden 2022

Hi Fran, sad to see that you again decided post the review (As you mentioned you posted it more than once). We were in contact over countless emails, you left a 1-star review in the middle of us checking your store, in our opinion, this was not justified. The issues you were seeing are highly likely from an incompatibility with another app or your theme.
I wish you all the best with your store.