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2. červen 2024

the product does not save pictures this 1.

After deleting the application, I reinstalled it again, it wants the 1-month fee I paid again, this 2 other applications are more comfortable, believe me.

Magnet Wunder
Doba používání aplikace: Asi měsícem
Vývojář UploadKit odpověděl 3. červen 2024


Billing is handled directly by Shopify, and you won't be charged a second time -- you just have to re-approve the standard monthly fees after uninstalling. We've already offered to refund the first charge if you decide not to use the app -- however nothing has been billed yet so it's still a little early. Please get back in touch with us at if you'd like us to handle that for you. Thanks!

5. listopad 2023

In the description i saw - free plan available, but after install the app required to start free trial. It's not he same...

Magic Lab
Doba používání aplikace: 5 dny
Datum úprav: 2. červenec 2021

IF YOU ARE A BUSINESS OWNER DO NOT GET THIS APP!! It should be a beta version at best. If you have one simple upload field needed on one page, it may work, but if you have customers upload multiple files on the same page and they need to be in a certain order, good luck! All upload fields get automatically rearranged every time any changes are made to the app and our team spends hours rearranging them and TRYING to contact them. But they take about 12 hours to respond and fix any issues... and pretend they are not sure what the problem is. Right now as I write this I am literally having to close down my shop for the day to wait for their response because the glitches continue, and will most likely have to shut down for longer as I find another similar app. ***UPDATE*** As I sit here waiting for these guys to fix the issue and respond to my emails, I see that instead of fixing it and getting back to my last email, instead he writes a reply to my review to save his company's image before fixing my problem. It is the same person as he referenced my review in a previous email exchange. And by the way, his response to this review saying he has never heard of this is a lie. I really don't want to have to reveal email exchanges but he knows of this issue a week ago and said he knew what to do to fix it... but never fixed it. This is ridiculous. ***UPDATE 2*** This latest response is another lie. I have described the issue every which way I can, over and over, provided images for visual proof of the problem and even provided access to see in real time what was happening... The result? Instead of admitting he has no idea how to fix his broken app, the blame goes to me because I am not describing the issue "as requested"? All the guy wants to do is give me a refund and move on, but doesn't realize that we are a real business that will have to shut down and revamp much of our website. I understand he doesn't want to deal with me, but to spend more time replying to my reviews than actually helping me today is horrible service. I have had other issues with other apps, of course, but they actually try to fix the issue, not just say they keep fixing, but don't, and then blame the customer for not explaining it "as requested". An absolute joke!

The Memory Machine
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Doba používání aplikace: 6 měsíci
Vývojář UploadKit odpověděl 2. červenec 2021

Hi! I'm sorry you've hit problems getting fields to show in the correct order when adding multiple separate uploads to individual products in your store. This is something we support, but I haven't been able to reproduce the problem you're seeing when signing into the app as you.

If you're able to describe the steps to take to demonstrate the issue, as requested, I'll be very happy to take a further look and figure out what could be happening.

In the meantime, we've asked Shopify to process a refund, and we're on hand to provide whatever help you need to transition to another app.