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19 oktober 2023

Very Satisfied with this app!
customer service people go above and beyond to help where needed.

The Stitchory
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9 maanden gebruiken de app
Pantastic heeft geantwoord 20 oktober 2023

Thank you for the review! We greatly appreciate your feedback. :)

28 september 2023

Jumping into UpOrder was a solid decision. It's straightforward to use, and our post-purchase email game has seriously leveled up. And speaking of leveling up, Tina from their team is awesome. If you're considering UpOrder, I'd say it's worth a shot.

Texas Standard
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Pantastic heeft geantwoord 29 september 2023

We're overjoyed to receive your fantastic review for our app (and for Tina!). Thank you for your support and for being an advocate for our product.

12 juli 2023

I personally do not have anything negative to say about UpOrder - What I love the most is the team and how responsive they are. They have helped tremendously with any initiative we may have.

Pet Honesty
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11 maanden gebruiken de app
23 augustus 2023

Scam company. Charges a flat fee but then ghost charges for "usage" that is no different from every month. Randomly they will take 200 dollars out of your account with no explanation.

Complete scam. Avoid at all cost.

Black Sands
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Pantastic heeft geantwoord 30 augustus 2023

We apologize for any frustration or confusion.

Your brand chose to remain on a legacy pricing plan, and the charges made were accurate based on the requirements for that plan.

We have reached out privately to address this with you and have taken action to make things right.

UpOrder has been in business for many years, and over the years, our pricing plans have changed. Each time the pricing has changed, we have made significant efforts to communicate those changes with our users. As a courtesy, we have also allowed users to continue to use our services while on legacy pricing plans, as some brands find it more financially beneficial based on their order volume.

3 mei 2023

This app is an absolute scam. DO NOT INSTALL. Charged me HUNDREDS a month with no heads up for an app I wasn't using. I uninstalled it and my entire card payment system crashed and I lost thousands in sales trying to fix it. DAMN this app and the devs who put this out.

Tsuki Blade
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Pantastic heeft geantwoord 5 mei 2023

Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with UpOrder. We apologize for any confusion about our app. We reached out to you via email to give you the opportunity to discuss your concerns with us. We are here to help.

We appreciate the opportunity to clarify some important points. UpOrder notification templates are sent when triggered by Shopify and do not require ongoing attention from merchants to perform: Over the period of time you used our app, we delivered an ROI greater than 8X for your store.

Additionally, UpOrder never touches your store's payment system. All charges for UpOrder are processed by Shopify. Our app only interacts directly with your shop when you are publishing templates created within our designer.

We understand that the payment system issue you experienced must have been frustrating, but we want to assure you that our app is in no way related to it. We recommend you contact Shopify directly about any issues processing or receiving payments.

Lastly, if you would like to discuss with us your concerns or if you have any questions regarding UpOrder, please reply directly to our emails or contact our support team at, and we will do our best to assist you.

5 augustus 2015

Spently is a fantastic app for creating slick emails in a few clicks. After having tried a few different applications to mixed reviews, Spently is by far the most user-friendly and adaptable. We created cohesive branded emails that matched our theme to replace all of Shopify's default mailings in an afternoon. The standard templates are easy to use on their own, but the format also allows for extra customisations too with just a bit of basic coding.

Best of all, Spently covers everything so you have a cohesive feel across the board. Overall we're very happy and would definitely recommend this app..

Bijna 8 jaar gebruiken de app
3 oktober 2016

LOVE Spently - makes automatic email notifications a breeze. Super user friendly!

Taylor Ashley Boutique
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Bijna 7 jaar gebruiken de app
2 december 2019

Great support from Callum. Going to apply his recommendations this evening. Looking forward to some results which I'm sure will happen.

Esajian Wheel
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7 juni 2018

Quick turnaround time. Great customer service.

One Up Bands
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Meer dan 6 jaar gebruiken de app
Bewerkt 22 juli 2019

I've been using Spently for years, but hadn't updated the templates in awhile because I didn't really have the time to invest in redoing everything with their new template builder. Callum reached out and completely redesigned the templates for nothing, which was extremely helpful!

Barrister Mann Fine Shaving Products
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