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11 november 2022

UpOrder is great- user friendly and extremely effective. We've seen a significant increase in conversion rate and revenue from post purchase emails since we started using the platform. Their support staff is excellent as well, especially Tina! My days are jam packed and some projects have to go to the back burner. Tina's proactive approach and recommendations for improvements on top of her willingness to do the bulk of the legwork has made my life much easier. I highly value responsiveness and clear communication from vendors and Tina never disappoints. Definitely recommend!

Ancestral Supplements
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6 december 2022

I am a new user with this app and had questions on how to change email notifications. Cynthia was very helpful, helped my in a step by step process and was able to do what I needed to do and more. Great support and quick responses when I needed it. Thank you so much!

Eye Hub Warehouse
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7 april 2023

UpOrder has been great! The emails have generated tons of revenue for the store and their customer service and help has been top notch. Tina is always available to help us out with anything we need!

the Awkward Store
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12 juli 2023

I personally do not have anything negative to say about UpOrder - What I love the most is the team and how responsive they are. They have helped tremendously with any initiative we may have.

Pet Honesty
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11 maanden gebruiken de app
28 september 2023

Jumping into UpOrder was a solid decision. It's straightforward to use, and our post-purchase email game has seriously leveled up. And speaking of leveling up, Tina from their team is awesome. If you're considering UpOrder, I'd say it's worth a shot.

Texas Standard
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Pantastic heeft geantwoord 29 september 2023

We're overjoyed to receive your fantastic review for our app (and for Tina!). Thank you for your support and for being an advocate for our product.

19 april 2023

Somehow my emails weren't going out, the edit pages don't even open my emails, and somehow I'm being charged $99.99 per month when the pricing shows free for the first 25 orders and $10 for each additional 50 orders (my store gets about 250 orders per month). Total ripoff, and I feel like an idiot for not realizing I was getting ripped off earlier. App deleted.

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Pantastic heeft geantwoord 25 april 2023

We apologize for any frustration or confusion about our pricing and recent changes to our platform. A member of our Customer Service Team has reached out to you over email in an attempt to make things right.

We verified that all your notification templates were sent when triggered by Shopify and over the time you used our app, we delivered over 95x ROI.

We have discontinued the free “Follow Up” email feature and communicated our plans to do so with our customers. We apologize if our emails missed you.

Finally, UpOrder underwent some payment plan changes over a year ago. We understand that you were unhappy to find you were on a legacy plan. While the legacy plans were frequently better deals for some of our users, it sounds like this may not have been the case for your brand.

If you’d like to discuss these or any other issues with us, we’re eager to make things right and encourage you to reply to our emails or contact our team at

27 juni 2022

We have been using this app to communicate with our customers with the added value of upselling our customer. Tina especially has been great to work with and her support has been nothing short of spectacular.

Only One Treats
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15 mei 2022

I've used Spently for 2 years now, and what I appreciate the most is that their team will set everything up for you in the beginning, and they're quick to react to any changes and updates. Super easy and saves a lot of time for me. Win-win!

Urban Tots
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27 mei 2022

Nice App, good service from support team. Simple and effective. We deal directly with Tina and she's always prompt and helpful.

Bijna 2 jaar gebruiken de app
6 juni 2022

The Spently app is a game charger for transactional emails. Emails are now on brand and we can add elements to upsell and winback customers. The customer service from the team is outstanding as well! Tina is always responsive and helps with any requests.

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