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22 febbraio 2023

bait and switch!
first this app was free. then after a couple years they started charging. now they have changed the version I have been paying now requires I switch and upgrade from my paid a Pro version 2x the price. if we were with you through the developing stage and suffered some of your major hiccups ( I remember one bug that wiped all my pricing out). then you should be loyal to us long time clients. BAITING NEW CLIENTS WITH A 5$ account, that I guess isn't even offered anymore(?) only to later make them upgrade to the $10 app, not cool.

as if holding back our access to an account we PAY for will be less noticeable or less outrageous if you raise our pricing in incremental steps.

nope. im done

Queen Custom Claws
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Vela ha risposto 22 febbraio 2023

This review is completely false and misleading. To clarify, we've launched several new features recently, yet some are exclusive to Vela Plus. In order to give all users the opportunity to explore these features, we provided a FREE week of Vela Plus to ALL users currently subscribed to Vela Lite.

There are no strings attached, no obligation to upgrade, and no "bait & switch." All users were simply given a free week to access ALL Plus functionality. If, after the trial week, a user does not upgrade, they will automatically revert to Lite.

This was explained in detail via email and within the platform. Fortunately, the vast majority of users have welcomed the opportunity to explore new features for FREE, but we will make things even more explicit in the future.

23 gennaio 2020

This app is terrible. Price changes within shopify don't seem to sync correctly, and when you bulk change prices within the app it seems to skip over certain items, and then you have to manually go and check anyway. Ridiculous. I realize its free, but if it worked I would be happy to pay as the store grows. All this has does is waste hours of time trying to figure out why my product prices aren't changing
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Data modifica: 6 luglio 2019

The app is decent. It makes bulk editing products really easy but I can only recommend using it if you have a small inventory because if you have a larger inventory you have to spend so much time waiting for products to load that it really kind of defeats the purpose

Omni Geek Shop
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9 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
13 novembre 2020

2 étoiles car gratuite, mais l'appli fonctionne mal, nombreux bugs, il faut refaire les manip plusieurs fois pour que les mises à jours s'appliqent sur plusieurs produits (donc si on ne vérifie pas, problèmes ensuite!). côté sav vous pouvez oubliez.

Men of Style
9 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
5 ottobre 2021

I absolutely LOVED this app until they suddenly started charging for it! We have used it for several months and never once were asked to "upgrade" until today! We are currently looking for something comparable as I just don't think it's worth paying monthly PER SHOP, we run 4 shops with Vela!

Strips N Stitches
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5 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
17 novembre 2021

I used this app for quite some time and was happy. . . Now that they have a lot of users, they change an App from a freebie to a paid App. . . We've added the App for the freebie reason. I've just removed the App and will look for something better.

2 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
23 settembre 2018

just edit 200 products in 2 min.. but it deleted all my trust badge picture on the have even more work to do...thanks..

Paesi Bassi
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