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19. leden 2024

Incredibly easy to understand, all in one solution which is rare to find. However, my particular reason that I am writing the review and would recommend this app so highly is the absolutely first class customer support. I have used both the email function and live chat support for some snags I needed support with and the personalised support has been incredibly helpful. The live chat in particular I talked with Jed D who walked through the issue in detail and checked out my store to provide some great advice and personalised solution to the problem. This kind of human to human live chat support is becoming increasingly rare these days! Well done team!

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17. leden 2024

The customer service is on point, they responded quickly and solve my issue within minutes, also very kind and respectful. 10/10.

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5. prosinec 2023

Vitals has been vital to my site. it has all the necessary apps one may need to run a successful store. And the customer service is friendly, available, and very helpful

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2. leden 2024

John Self was very helpful with helping resolve my issue with the Vital app along with fast responses! Vital brings some much value to your website with all the apps to help up sale products.

Open Your Closet
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8. leden 2024

The customer service on Vitals is exceptional. Being in the ecommerce space, I have to constantly deal with customer service headaches, so vitals is a bit of fresh air. I've had them on each and every one of my stores for about a year. I have the shrine theme, so I don't require many Shopify apps, but the customer replays, and reviews apps are super helpful.

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8. leden 2024

This is the best all in one tool I've ever used. Their customer support responds extremely fast and basically always solves any problem you may have. I definitely recommend this app to every shopify store.

Beyond Beauty
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18. leden 2024

Vitals is one of the best and most important tools I use in my business!

Cooler Than Super Stores
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26. prosinec 2023

First of all i want to say , vitals is the most easiest and affordable app i have ever used. It has all the features to build your store with the most cheapest price and excellent quality. It is very easy to use and i have never dealt any issue with the vitals app.
Second thing which i loved the most is the friendly and kind vitals support app. I have observed that they don’t only claim the 24x7 support but they have also replied in minutes after i ever had any query or help regarding the app. Friendly and kind staff is what i loved the most. I would 11/10 recommend Vitals app for anyone who is looking for the best shopify store setup. And yes this is a real review and i have a very great experience with Vitals.

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6. prosinec 2023

This is the BEST VALUE app that I have on my store! So many features wrapped into one, and the customer service is amazing! Highly recommend!

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16. listopad 2023

SO MUCH VALUE! We've been able to customize how this shows up on our shop and support our customers as they find what they need and explore more products that support their goals. Super customizable. Every time I think they're missing a feature, support shows me exactly what I need. 5 stars!

Bueno Market
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