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9. říjen 2023

Thank you so much Zeus and the team for all your support! I was having trouble with integrating Vitals when I upgraded my theme template, but the team were incredibly prompt in helping me resolve the issues. 10/10 service and look forward to continuing to use Vitals for many years to come!

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28. září 2023

I've been using Vitals on my Shopify store for over six months and I can't recommend it enough! Whether you're a newbie or a seasoned store owner, it's a must-have. With over 40 integrated apps, the possibilities are vast. The standout for me is the Visitors Replay feature—it's insightful to see real-time interactions in my store.

A huge thumbs up to the support team; their responsiveness has been top-notch. My only feedback would be to enhance the design of the Wish List for more placement flexibility. All in all, a solid 5-star app. If you're on the fence, give Vitals a go!"

OnlineFam Store
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16. říjen 2023

Gray was awesome in helping me with all the query. The value for money you spend on this app is off the charts. If you want top notch and immediate customer service get this app! They have all the apps you to start your ECOM store and the apps get better and better over time. They listen to their users and make amazing upgrades. I'm super satisfied with Vitals. Nothing bad to say.

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6. říjen 2023

This must be the unicorn among Shopify apps! Even though we have a custom theme the integration was seamless and customer service is super responsive and professional. I just had one of their support staff John Seth respond within 30 seconds in chat and help me with an adjustment for our site! The collection of Vitals apps offer great value and are very easy to use.

Mandala Seeds Shop
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5. listopad 2023

To be honest, I was a bit sceptical at first - but after trying a few modules on their own, my confidence has grown and grown so that I now have quite a few modules running.

It has saved me money over having other individual apps running on their own, and the service works really well! Staff are very responsive and helpful - and above all - whatever you install on your site, looks very good and actually works!

Digital Pharaoh UK
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21. říjen 2023

This is an essential app for any e-commerce business in my opinion. There are over 40+ apps that genuinely add value to any digital business, and all of these apps are for the price of one.

I personally use and take immense value from Product Reviews, Size Charts, Agree to Terms Checkbox, Hide Dynamic Checkout Buttons, Currency Converter, Gift, Spending Goal, Buy X get Y, Volume Discounts, and Product Bundles.

These apps provide me with many solutions to large problems that I face in my business. The problems Vitals solve are very important to my business, and because of that the Vitals app is an essential app for my business that I will always use.

This app is the ultimate e-commerce problem solver and solves dozens and dozens of important problems for the price of one solution. Greatest value shopify app I have come across thus far!!!

HorHayz Shop
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3. prosinec 2023

So many amazing apps in 1. If I could only choose 1 app, this would be it. Customer service has been fantastic when I have questions about using the apps and even helped me manually input a csv of my customer reviews when I was having issues. They went above and beyond with their assistance. The Visitor replays has been priceless when it comes to dialing in the user experience in my shop. Seeing how people were using the site and where they were clicking has been amazing. Plus, Vitals has already sparked $100 in sales and helped me gather 40 emails and my free trial is only half over. I'll be a life-time customer. You won't regret this tool!

Mermaidcat Designs
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20. listopad 2023

Just amazing! At first, I thought that having 40 apps would be too much, but I'm already using half of them! :) Also, despite its many functions, it only has a minimal impact on page loading times, which is impressive compared to using multiple apps.

Yaparami Productos Increíbles
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16. říjen 2023

Great app, it has so many features that it feels like you've installed a 50 apps with a single click. It even has features you didn't know you wanted.
The support team is also very helpful and quick to respond, thank you so much guys. Worth every penny.

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23. září 2023

LOVE IT - the apps included in Vitals add functions that truly are vital for a successful online shop.

I have so far activated about half of the apps and will be activating a few more as time allows, and so far every one has worked perfectly without any need to contact Support.

The absolutely most useful app for me was Visitor Replays - what an eye opener!! A few months after starting our store I was feeling pretty pleased with it, until...I installed Visitor Replays and came face-to-face with the reality of the average visitor's 8 second attention span :-O

We had been getting a lot of traffic to our site, but not so many purchases. After one day of watching Visitor Replays, I saw the awful reality that of all those visitors, most were not getting past the first page. I could also see WHY. Which parts of the landing page woke interest, but lacked a CTA to capture that interest. I watched visitors take the time to scroll all the way down, and then just not know where to go from there and leave. I saw how all our carefully written product descriptions were doing absolutely no good, because we had not succeeded in providing new visitors with the right information and the right guidance to go further, during those crucial 8 seconds.

No, that wasn't a fun experience - but SO worthwhile!! Using what I learned of Visitor Replays, I got to work getting that important information where it was lacking and adding visitor guidance where I saw them getting lost - and watched our number of page views and sales soar.

I continue to watch latest site visits a few times a week, to continue improving.

Vitals is a very reasonably priced set of apps that really took our store to the next level of visitor experience.

Grow Towers
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