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9. červenec 2023

Eu amo este aplicativo! Muitos funcionam para um site! Mas o preço é muito alto, então não posso lidar com isso

Belos Artesanatos
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1. září 2023

a bit expensive but great app

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23. srpen 2023


Petfection Corner
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26. červenec 2023

Oui moi je suis nouveau sur e-commerce mis jai cotoayes des experts et ils conseilles de la flexiblite de vitals, et laplication en son nom parle de sa capacite
Tout en un. Nous serons ensemble jusqua jamais.

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25. únor 2021

I really like this app. It is easy to understand and involves really nice marketing features. A nice all-in-one-app.

Stuke Shop
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3. leden 2021

I love the visitor replays. I got this app just for that. It's great that there are so many features in here, but I wish there were more options for customizing colors and fonts for branding. Customer service is great - super fast! (even on a Sunday!)

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20. září 2021

Great app that can help you save a lot of money by providing a range of apps that you'd otherwise have to pay separately for. They also have fantastic customer service. Any minor issues we have had (usually due to theme changes etc.) have been rectified within a day.

Nutrition Store Online
Nový Zéland
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29. srpen 2020

This app is a game-changer for budding e-commerce businesses; I've used a gamut of Shopify apps- the whole range, and I can say, VITALS is a great 45% of them, more than just a number- these apps included impact your store immediately. That being said, I would like to see more features of working within the suite, (operational *ie .CSV import of bundle creation, for example); and to be fair- the transparency of the progress of new features that are being worked on is awesome. I'd rate this five stars based on the pricing and variety of apps. There is much progress that can be made within each feature; and I look forward to see what the time will do. I'm definitely onboard and keeping this app, for the multi-tool kit of a suite, nothing else to this date compares.

Tactical Sport | Outdoor
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15. leden 2023

Overall a good App to use, some features are really useful like bundling of orders, video recording of customer screens, add to cart, stock scarcity, etc.

Mini Leaves
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9. srpen 2023

A captivating blend of contemporary trends and timeless elegance; ShopTiwa is a haven for women seeking style that speaks volumes. From chic ensembles to statement accessories, it's a fashionista's paradise.

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