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27. prosinec 2023

apps are ok, support is for me unhelpful & they brush you off

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Vývojář Vitals odpověděl 4. leden 2024

Hello there!

This is clearly a misunderstanding. Our support team is always available to assist as we handle all requests with great priority. Additional time may be needed for unique and specific requests to ensure continuous optimal performance.

22. březen 2022

some of my website requirements were not met. The app works on some parts of my website perfectly but some options are not.

The Bootroom Collection
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Datum úprav: 23. květen 2023

There are many functions but not as good as other apps like email marketing, cookie banner and stuff. For 30$ it´s good, but there are many other apps in shopify store.

Doba používání aplikace: 27 dny
Datum úprav: 25. červenec 2021

I've just cancelled this app after using it for a week - will be interesting to see if this is posted or not. The reasons I cancelled it: 1. Limited options on each app to adjust the variables to match our own colours, let alone our own branding style
2. Limited functionality on each app relative to the other stand alone apps available on Shopify
3. Far too many emails
4. Too much wasted waffle on introducing 'how to' videos
5. Slow response to queries Overall, I get the impression Vitals spends far more time and effort on its marketing than it does on developing the technical capability of its apps. ***REVIEW UPDATED 25/7***
I received an email from the owner of the app to reconsider the 2 stars I had given it. I politely explained that I was unable to do this as I was unable to customise the apps to match our branding and I felt the individual apps has limited functionality. Having read through many of their reviews, I find them lacking in detail and meaningful insights into 'why' they approve of the app. I have never heard of the term 'onboarding' before to describe excessive emails which are never a good thing in my book whatever way Vitals want to spin it. There are some fantastic apps available on Shopify however you have to do some leg work to find them.

DM Hay
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Vývojář Vitals odpověděl 22. červenec 2021

We're really sorry it didn't work out as you'd expect it. We're adding below the reply already sent by email:

1. When it comes to adding multiple customization options in the app, we've decided against cluttering it with each and every option and opted instead to assist merchants directly through our customer support team. They're available 24/7 and are all skilled in HTML/CSS, being able to match any Vitals app to your theme's look and feel. It only takes a brief email/chat message;

2. In terms of functionality, we've bundled inside each app the most frequently requested functionalities. We always listen to our customers when it comes to new features, they can suggest / upvote features within the app, and we have a public roadmap unlike most other developers:;

3. We do send a lot of onboarding emails. At the same time, Vitals is probably the most complex Shopify app, and we believe a rigorous onboarding process is necessary;

4. I think this is the first negative review I hear about our video tutorials; to be honest, our merchants usually rave about their quality. They always have a consistent introduction that addresses the pain points the apps are solving and the added benefit of using them.

5. We never, never respond late to support queries. You've reached out to us twice in August last year and about a week ago. We responded after 5 minutes the first time and after 29 minutes the second time. This is in line with the fact that we normally answer 75% of all support queries within 30 minutes:

16. leden 2023

ich habe die App installiert, aber kann ich sie in meiner Shopify nicht verwenden. Es funktioniert leider nicht gut

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Vývojář Vitals odpověděl 23. leden 2023

(Note: Store is now inactive/closed)
Hello there!

Thank you for your feedback. We noticed that the Vitals app is successfully installed on your store, with multiple apps enabled and functioning properly.

There might have been an connection issue on your end during the first installation attempt, as the app is working properly on the store.