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19. leden 2024

Unfortunately we now have an ugly language switcher which we can not move anywhere because we get an error whenever trying to use the visual builder. Losing money on ads, and no direct chat function..

Pelle Cosmetics
Doba používání aplikace: 5 měsíci
Vývojář Weglot odpověděl 23. leden 2024

Hello Pelle Cosmetics,

I'm sorry to hear that you're currently experiencing issues with the language switcher. I want to assure you that we're here to help resolve this matter for you.
If you could kindly provide more details about the specific problem you're encountering and let us know what you wish to achieve with the language switcher, our team will do its best to assist you promptly.

Although we don't have a chat function, we want you to know that we respond quickly to emails, and your concern is important to us.

If you happen to have any additional information or questions, please feel free to include them in your response.

Have a nice day,


The Weglot Team

28. listopad 2023

CAREFUL - hidden quotas and Checkout is not translated

I have used several translation apps in the past and wanted to see what Weglot offers, they charge pretty much the highest fees of all of them, so you might think that they offer the best service and product.
I have a store that used to run in 20 different languages, Weglot charges 299$ for that, so to test I went for the 5 languages for 79$.
Setup is quite simple, switcher can be placed to the individual's liking, nothing wrong there, Weglot also offers to use a "fallback" language which is great when your store is not in English and the customer's browser language is not available.
The translations seemed pretty decent too. Now you might wonder why Weglot only gets 2 stars?

First of all, after you sign up, there is a "translation request count" maximum which was not clarified on the offer page before signing up, only when scrolling down and searching for it do you find it. This translation request count is not pageviews as they say it would be. In my manual tests one pageview was able to generate 14 "translation requests", so you can imagine that your monthly quota is not the amount you think it is, but actually a small fraction of it. Ok, this is something to keep in mind that may raise the price for you if you have a lot of traffic.

But the final thing that makes this app basically unusable is that the checkout is not properly translated, one of the most important pages in the purchasing process. Some of it is translated, but you can't manage any translations of the checkout and what is fatal is that the products that the customer wants to check out with are not properly translated, neither the titles nor the variant description of the product.

So a customer wants to check out, looks at what products he will be paying for and is left confused. This generates a lot higher abandonment checkout rate.

I have seen many apps have issues with it, however, what I used before worked, but didn't translate all variant names properly. Weglot doesn't translate that part at all. They even told me that they have no influence at all on the checkout and its translation, I mean come on, you are a translation app. If they would say that upfront, ok, you could make an informed decision, however on their website they claim, that from popup to checkout, everything is easy and translated which is simply not true, false advertisement on their part.

To me, an app that translates but leaves out one of the most important pages is simply worthless. I have tried for several days with the support to find a solution, one of the solutions that was offered included deleting previous translations and after that, nothing worked properly anymore, the checkout was not translated at all, not even parts of it, and I had huge issues afterward.

The amount of damage that this app has caused (lost sales, work to rebuild everything back up) is pretty high. This part is way worse than their high fees.

I give 2 stars because the support in the end did refund the rest of my subscription time. In my opinion they should've refunded entirely because i only had trouble with the app and it never did what they advertised it to do, but at least that.

Hope it helps, if you are looking for a complete translation solution I can't recommend Weglot.

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Datum úprav: 24. červenec 2019

Update: the pricing of the app is outrageous. We're paying 49 Euro for automatic translation to ONE language. Which already seems too much. But they claim that we reached the allowed word count and the next plan is 150 EAURO a month. WHAAAAT?!
50 euro a month for ONE language + half of the site is not being translated since we reached their allowed word count limit... For me - that's a bad app.
Searching for alternatives.

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7. březen 2023

I have to say that I'm a tad disappointed with weglot. There's a few things that frustrate me. 1) the pricing. It's expensive compared with other similar apps 2) the support. Every month we seem to go over our word count. We've tried removing languages. But we've just launched a new theme and within days it says we're almost exceeding our translations. So something's not right? Support isn't very good at explaining. I'm thinking of looking elsewhere

Doba používání aplikace: Více než rokem
Datum úprav: 4. březen 2022

Good app, interesting to have the store translated immediately. Good customer service when you are an active user. But with an important problem: If you do a lot of dynamic translation, it slows down the page speed a lot without any other solution from the technical support than to delete dynamic translation requests. That has been the main reason for me to switch to another app taking advantage of the change of my store from Debut to Dawn theme and the launch of Markets in Shopify 2.0. The main task: I had to go from a subdomain using Weglot to a subdirectory using Shopify (with the entire store translated again with Translation Lab) and that means, if it is not done correctly, a shower of 404 errors apart from the loss in SEO positioning for the same reason. That meant looking for a solution to do 301 redirects because in my case I was never going to use the subdomain again. It was just then that Weglot tech support told me they couldn't help anymore... I can come to understand it if you're going to abandon them. I found the solution in the Shopify community: Before deleting anything, you have to register a hosting with SSL with the subdomain and redirect from there. You can read the rest in the last messages Here:

The Traveler Art
Doba používání aplikace: Více než rokem
Datum úprav: 30. říjen 2020

I've been in the E-commerce/Digital industry since over 15 years and managed +250 brands online. WeGlot is an easy solution to setup, that is right. But unfortunately, their solution translates quite badly, and above all it's really not an SEO-friendly app, although they mention it. I hope they will improve drastically the SEO part in the future, it's a must.

Doba používání aplikace: 11 měsíci
22. prosinec 2021

We tried to make Weglot work for about 6 months but new problems kept coming up... The biggest issue - we simply could not get product translations to work properly and consistently on the cart page and checkout page. Backend got super messy, because even though automatic translation was turned off (it had to be because the translations were always way off), it kept generating automatic translations in the back end and it was very hard to stay on top of it. Trouble with translating the log in/create account/etc customer section, got the following error from Shopify - "Parameter Missing or Invalid: Required parameter missing or invalid: customer" and those sections basically didn't work in the translated version of our site. We could not translate our shipping methods. Customer support tried their best, but too many issues with this app in the end.

Chado teepood
Doba používání aplikace: 10 měsíci
Datum úprav: 6. únor 2019

The support of the people was friendly. Unfortunately the software is not meeting our expectations. The words are, with every little change counting up several times. So within a very short time you have 50'000 Weglot words, but actually only approx 8'000 Words which are in use! Also the rules don't work smoothly. There are apps which are way cheaper and very ok.

Doba používání aplikace: 10 měsíci
4. únor 2020

I am not happy with the app for many reasons. I think it is not worth the price. The costumer service is a bit rude...

Doba používání aplikace: 8 měsíci
Vývojář Weglot odpověděl 4. únor 2020

Hi there IAIOS,

After reviewing the exchanges with the support team, we are surprised as we extensively helped out to help you understand any questions you had about Weglot. We always love to help our users and did not see a negative exchange within our team. We'd be happy to see if we can help you solve the issues you have. You can always reach us at

11. červenec 2019

Les traductions ne sont pas fiables et beaucoup de bug si l'on veut corriger par nous-même les traductions automatiques.

Doba používání aplikace: 6 měsíci
Vývojář Weglot odpověděl 9. srpen 2019

We are sorry you feel this way. We attempted to contact you numerous times to let you know we are a multilingual solution and not a translating service. We provide the first layer of automatic translations which you can edit. This is stated on your website.
We tried to reach out to ask you what bugs you were experiencing as we have no prior attempt from you to contact us and help you with any issue you may have had.
We await your response.