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11. marraskuu 2023

Really a top-notch customer service. I was really dragging on to start resolving the problem I had with email notifications, but when I did it really didn't take more than a few hours to fix. And this was all thanks to a really fast and hands-on approach. Thank you Zoé!

Just writing an update. Since changing our theme, we had some issues with translations but as always Weglot team is the best. We got some support that I'm pretty sure was above their obligations. I 100% would recommend it if you are in search of a good translation app for your store :) The app is really easy to use and for the simplest of issues, they have really clear and easy-to-understand instructions/FAQ page/videos, etc.

Another UPDATE one year later: We needed to go from subdomains to subdirectories and Weglot helped us through the technical stuff perfectly. Thank you, Antoine! The help was more than expected and I am talking about 30 exchanged emails. At the same time, I needed to talk to customer service from our previous translation app GTranslate and those guys were again clueless about the technical things.

Having a successful e-commerce journey means having great partners, and WEGLOT is one of them.  

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19. lokakuu 2023

Incredible product, translated my entire website into 3 languages in a matter of minutes! There were some small things to fix, but Fanny from support answered all of my questions right away, and fixed everything until my website was 100% perfect.

Butt Butter
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11. lokakuu 2023

Weglot are one of those companies that just get how to make wonderful products. They've created a tool with extraordinary customer experience, and it's so easy and fast to get started!

Volant Europe
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17. marraskuu 2023

Quick response from Jeremy after I wanted to improve an element on the website with the translations (via CSS). He (and his team) made some changes for me as well, not only advising but also executing!

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24. lokakuu 2023

Great and fast software, does what it should do and always can rely on support fully!
Thanks a lot!

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26. lokakuu 2023

Does not translate the checkout page anymore since Shopify rolled out the One page checkout. Did not even bother notify the customers about it. No solutions found, team useless. Now the checkout page displays in French for all our worldwide customers. Great !

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30. lokakuu 2023

Very good and quick help from Manon when I had problems adding a language switcher for the mobile version of our page... Overall I am very happy with the support from Weglot.

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Muokattu 14. marraskuu 2023

I really like this App, the customer support is very helpful and the best. They are willing to improve and learn. We are using this App over a year now and we are very happy with it.

The Couple Challenge Book
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26. lokakuu 2023

Unbeatable technical team and customer service support.
The team (Fanny and Antoine and the developer behind the scene) closely monitor and respond to support email promptly. Highly recommended for those who look for multilingual option for Shopify with SEO functionality

Well done team. We are so happy that we upgraded from Business to Pro Plan

Suu Balm Malaysia
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5. lokakuu 2023

we had a very good experience with Weglot, worked seamlessly and easy to manage and edit. Highly recommended!

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