interakt for WhatsApp Business

interakt for WhatsApp Business


Sell on WhatsApp + MULTI Agent Chat + AUTOMATED Cart recovery

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WhatsApp Customer Support

Single WhatsApp numbers for customers, UNLIMITED team logins for your team. Respond to queries, assign chats, send quick replies with media.

Increase customer engagement

Use WhatsApp for marketing and boost engagement with AUTOMATED order confirmation, shipment and delivery information and much more.

Recover lost sales

Address cart abandonment with AUTOMATED WhatsApp notifications and drive store sales through assisted selling/ cross-selling on WhatsApp.

Podrobnosti o interakt for WhatsApp Business

This Inbox + automated notifications tool to manage your WhatsApp business number is by interakt, an official WhatsApp API solution provider.

interakt applies for official WhatsApp business API approval for your brand when you sign up.

E-Commerce stores can leverage WhatsApp tools on interakt and connect seamlessly with their customers.

Designed to help your businesses scale up on WhatsApp, interakt's all-in-one WhatsApp business tool (with web dashboard + mobile app support) offers capabilities like a shared team inbox, automated notifications, API integrations and much more!

Shared Team Inbox:

  • With one inbox to manage all your customer conversations on WhatsApp - send instant replies and never miss out on a message again.

  • One Inbox, designed for the whole team: A unified dashboard that lets you invite multiple agents to manage incoming messages with ease, via one WhatsApp number.

  • Reply instantly with an easy-to-use composer: Master conversations with rich-media options, quick replies and more.

Checkout Abandonment recovery, Order notifications and more:

  • Capture order placed, order shipped, checkout abandonment on your store in form of events on interakt and set up notifications based on the same.

  • Customer order history and details in one-place: Event details such as Order Number, Order Amount, Order URL, Tracking URL and much more for context driven conversations with customers

Please note, for the above details to be captured on the app via. store. It is mandatory that customers enter their phone number under contact info while performing above actions on the store.

Contacts Manager:

  • View all your store customers in one place with an intuitive inbox for WhatsApp.

  • Automatic addition of store customers on interakt: Connect with your store customers on WA to address their queries, give updates and much more.

  • Upload Bulk Contacts to interakt easily: Manage all your WhatsApp contacts in one place. Add contacts in bulk via APIs and CSV files.

Sign up on interakt now to get WhatsApp Business API access and manage business processes easily on WhatsApp.

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Additional user charge based on active users limit per month and WhatsApp template cost based on country code

* Všechny poplatky jsou fakturovány v USD.
** Opakované platby, včetně měsíčních poplatků nebo poplatků za použití, se fakturují jednou za 30 dnů.

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