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Datum úprav: 12. únor 2024

My evaluation that I wrote before is still valid. Not working. Especially for testing purposes, I left an item in the cart on my site and I did not receive a WhatsApp message. The only feature of the application is that it serves no purpose other than showing the message "Unable to Recover", indicating that the product left in the cart was not converted into sales.

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3. listopad 2023

they have charged me for the premium and was working for a while but now they again want people to purchase more and there is no decline option also the app has stopped working on my store, probably a scam.

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11. říjen 2023

Started using this app after seeing the reviews. But the experience as an user is different. The interface is very confusing. The app is deducting my wallet balance without sending the Whatsapp messages. Tried to reach support team through phone and chat multiple times, but there is no response at all, though its mentioned as 24x7 support. Very bad experience !

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Vývojář pushdaddy.com odpověděl 14. říjen 2023

there was some issue in whatsapp automated message and its very common to have such issue. we have fixed that issue. we dont have any control on whatsapp . they do nasty things and ban or restrict or pause or reject templates and msg stop going. we try l;evel best to fix as soon as possible

13. říjen 2023

BE VERY CAREFUL WITH THIS APPLICATION, it stopped working, asking for a subscription payment and also does not allow you to uninstall correctly, causing problems with the web and other applications.

Chair and Work
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29. říjen 2023

It deduct money.. No customer support worst experience ............ Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

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14. září 2023

This is the worst app I've ever seen. It's impossible to use. I tried to talk to customer service and no one is there... and, when finally, James answered me... nothing changes...
Also, they say it's free, but IT'S NOT. They charge me to install it. And, nothing works properly.

Hoyo 7
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10. listopad 2023

He is very rude and liar. He never replies on chat. Asks you to call and then abuses on call. Very Vulgar guy. Abuses girls with bad language. Dont buy.

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5. listopad 2023

It stopped working and asked for a payment.

Hammer & Claw
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10. prosinec 2023

Beware from these. They are scammer. This app is scam. I did not do anything they still charge from my Bank Card. When I contact them for refund their is no reply from their side.
So please save your money.
I have contacted with Shopify support team. Hopefully they will help

Chuchu Mart
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12. září 2023

Why there is a redirection every 5 seconds? This is so annoying. I wanted to use it but now I'm going to use some other paid app. I'm a software developer and I have never seen such a bad and annoying UI ever in my life.

Zainab Alwawan
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