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16. červen 2021

Too much spam!
The app looks like a page where 5 pop-ups could open at any moment.
Please rework your interface!

Doba používání aplikace: 18 minutami
22. září 2020

I do not think this is easy to use - very messy - not good UX. and you want me to write a minium of 100 characters. this is crap. if I cant configure it in 5 minutes I will delete it and go onto another app.

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Doba používání aplikace: 16 minutami
30. duben 2020

ug trying to see if i even like this app and its forcing me to rate it already and make me write 100 characters

Parces Clothing
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Doba používání aplikace: 15 minutami
Vývojář Pushdaddy odpověděl 30. duben 2020

you only need to click on save and everything we have preconfigured for you but few people are having habbit and enjoy damaging others work even if they are getting free of cost

Datum úprav: 2. srpen 2020

No puedo decir todavía que tal funciona puesto que te obliga a dejar un review. Por el momento parece que la interfaz es bastante básica no se si acabaré desinstalando esta app o no, dependiendo de si cumple su cometido o no.

Doba používání aplikace: 15 minutami
10. únor 2021

I have no idea, it asked me to rate it before I even got started which is annoying. I have no baseline on how it even works yet.

Gifts With Whimsy
Doba používání aplikace: 14 minutami
1. květen 2020

I havent use it... I cannot rate you!! hahaha .... what?? minimum 100 characters?? what the hell do you want me to say if I haven´t tried the app.... piufff reached the 100 characters.. thank you bye.

the GOODIES store
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Vývojář Pushdaddy odpověděl 27. květen 2020

thank you for your kind words and showing your love. We will keep on improving this app. your valuable feedback are extremely important to us

22. srpen 2022

Chat do not start in front office, backoffice is very hard to learn and use, my number insert 3 times yet, but still now do not show.

Doba používání aplikace: 12 minutami
12. srpen 2020

I'm annoyed because you're asking me for a rating before I have used the app. Stop bullying me for a good rating. Now I don't trust your reviews in the app store.

Tree-Free Greetings
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5. srpen 2020

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Love Baby Dress
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16. červen 2021

Looks like spam app Looks like spam app Looks like spam app Looks like spam app Looks like spam app

Doba používání aplikace: 4 minutami