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26. únor 2024

Es muy útil y el equipo de soporte siempre estuvo en contacto conmigo para solucionar un problema que tuve

Librería Peskadito
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6. březen 2024

Great APP, cost-benefit and very complete features... fast service! I recommend!

Marcenaria Bicho do Mato
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22. listopad 2023

This app was a godsend for us. We have leads coming in through WhatsApp & wanted to track those as conversions in our Google Ads. But we couldn't use GTM because we are not on Shopify Plus so we needed to track events using GA4. Now there are many other WhatsApp apps out there but none of them auto-generate events in GA4 when someone clicks on the chat app widget. We only found one other app & that one too was not direct to Whatsapp but rather a separate chat app that needed an agent to be online all the time or we would lose the customer.

This app does it seamlessly anytime someone clicks to chat to us, we get our lead & that generates a Whatsapp event in GA4 which we mark as conversion & import into our Google Ads. And it does it on the free plan, so anyone having issue with tracking WhatsApp leads must use this app.

Indian Nest
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24. listopad 2023

Great app for customers to connect with business directly and remove their doubts in real time, results in more sales
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15. březen 2024

Great App, support excelent and very fast :)
Doba používání aplikace: 2 dny
30. říjen 2023

Great App! Highly recommend this for anyone looking to have a simple and easy to use/setup WhatsApp button.
Been using it for >2 months now and it works flawlessly. We tried to use other WhatsApp widget apps, but nothing was as smooth as this one here. Not only that, but we also requested them to help us write custom code or have insertions within the pre-filled message to include Product Title and Product Page URL which they managed to do right away (<24 hours from requesting it). Thanks to all SeedGrow team, specifically Alina and Mia for their fast responses and of course, for the dev team making it all work in the background.

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8. leden 2024


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15. březen 2024

This is excelent app

Doba používání aplikace: 12 dny
5. leden 2024

Suporte nota 10, obrigado por me ajudar

Farda de Boleiro
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19. únor 2024

Awesome app

TTRacing Singapore
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