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23. červenec 2023

The setup was very easy and the Wishlist Hero team was very helpful to make neat and stable with my Impulse theme. Since the launch I have been experiencing suboptimal performance with the app according to speed insights from Google. The wishlist hero javascript is blocking my main loading thread during 0.8s which damages my overall speed score. I'm sure the dev team can do smth about it, i've trying to get an answer from them since months now, without success :(

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22. srpen 2022

Hey I had recently installed this app, And removed after few tweaks, But even after removing app and codes, It iis messing my site header. Please help me fixing this ;( Store Preview URL: https://9dv354fu42pswudb-34794897548.shopifypreview.com (As I am currently live on my older version of theme)

Linen World
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10. červen 2021

In general, the app is great. Customizable, has all the necessary features, looks good and the support is nice and fast. But there is one big drawback and is the reason why I don't give 5 stars: It significantly reduces the loading speed of the website. Once this is fixed, I will give 5 stars.
Also, I would like to see multiple languages supported and not just the ability to translate to another language. Apart from that, the German translation in the admin backend fluctuates between funny and horrible. But at least no customer sees that.

American Food Market
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Vývojář Revamp odpověděl 11. červen 2021

We would like to thank you for your feedback. For multiple languages support, we're working on integration with several apps for that, will keep you posted. Will also contact you to get more details on the issues you've mentioned.

27. říjen 2021

Not bad so far. Better than the other reasonably priced Wishlist apps. Just waiting to hear back from their support team for assistance with adding a collection page icon etc. (Just emailed them, so I don't expect to hear back for 24 hours.) I'll update my review once I've used it more.

Resolute Records
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Vývojář Revamp odpověděl 28. říjen 2021

Hello Resolute Records,

Thank you for taking the time and leaving a review. We always work hard on making our app better. We are always here to help 🌝