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16. leden 2024

Quick and Easy to use - I messaged asking for assistance at midnight to implement the code onto my site and I woke up to a fill implementation!

Absolutely fantastic service!

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Vývojář Appmate odpověděl 23. leden 2024

Making things happen in your sleep, that's what we like to hear! Thank you for your kind words and all the best. Alex

25. prosinec 2023

Never used it and they charged me $20 for few months. Don't install the free plan they will still charge you.

enliven mart
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Vývojář Appmate odpověděl 26. prosinec 2023

Hi there, there is no free plan for our app, as is clearly indicated on the app store listing and during the installation process, which you accepted. After the 14 day trial expires you will be charged.

I already refunded you for the month prior and in the same email I advised you to uninstall the app in order to avoid further charges if you don't want to use our app.

You did not uninstall the app, therefore Shopify charged you again.

As is with any subscription service online, it is your responsibility to uninstall the app or cancel the subscription prior to the trial period ending in order to avoid charges. If you don't want to use an app and not be charged you need to uninstall it, like everyone else.

Your 1 star review and comment is completely uncalled for.

I have refunded you again now.

2. leden 2024

TLDR: Their support is awesome and I highly recommend!

I was looking for wishlist apps that were straight ahead, easy to integrate, and gave me the functionality I needed. Landed on Wishlist King and gave it a go. Had everything I needed but not quite everything I wanted, just that little something between good and great. So I reach out to support. Enter Alex. The guy's a legend. Bada bing bada boom Alex gets everything looking and working fine and now I'm about to look great to my colleagues tomorrow morning. All around great experience. Thanks!

Elms Puzzles
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Vývojář Appmate odpověděl 4. leden 2024

Ha! Thanks heaps for the kind words. Always great to work with positive professionals like yourself. All the best. Alex

24. listopad 2023

After looking at several options, based on functionality, Klaviyo integration, and very fair monthly costs given there are no limits to wishlist actions, we decided to go with Wishlist King. From the very beginning, the support has been absolutely fantastic, and the support team has made the integration a breeze. We had very particular ideas on how we wanted wishlisting to look and operate on our site, and the team went above and beyond in implementing them into the site. The end result is looking awesome, and will be a great addition to our site and for our customers!

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Vývojář Appmate odpověděl 26. listopad 2023

Thank you very much for leaving such a detailed review. I am glad we were able to create a customised and great looking integration with you. All the best. Alex

8. leden 2024

Great customer service and great app. We absolutely love it! www.XGear101.com

XGear101.com : Sneaker Tees Clothing : Shirts to Match
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Vývojář Appmate odpověděl 9. leden 2024

Thank you my friend. It's been a pleasure! Alex

20. červen 2023

The Wishlist King app is loved by us and our customers. Our customers appreciate the ease of adding items to their wish list and checking out quickly during a special sale or a limited release event. I highly recommend this app to anyone on the fence. Alex has been so helpful as we integrated a new Shopify theme. I have emailed him several times asking him to move things around and he has always answered quickly, initiated my request right away, and been an absolute ray of sunshine while doing it.

Cheeky Chickadee Store
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Vývojář Appmate odpověděl 20. červen 2023

Thanks heaps for the kind words. You were a pleasure to work with. 😎🙏🏻

4. duben 2024

Klasse App. Funktioniert alles hervorragend und der Service beim Einrichten oder Sonderwünschen ist der Beste, den ich bisher gehabt habe. Weiter so.

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23. říjen 2023

Great app. Considered several Wishlist apps but this was definitely the best for customer ease of use. Required a few tweaks which were carried out straight away. No loss of speed since adding to my site.

Frontiers Man
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20. říjen 2023

Wishlist king is really intuitive and easy to setup. 5/5!

Alex and the team went above and beyond in tech-supporting setup and install after a theme upgrade caused a problem on our site. Despite this not even being related to their app they pointed me in the right direction.

Out of Darts
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Vývojář Appmate odpověděl 21. říjen 2023

No worries! Happy to help... Thank you for being appreciative. Cheers, Alex

19. listopad 2023

Recently began using Wishlist King after a previous app we were using was limited unless you kept upgrading plans, costing $$$. Wishlist King is all inclusive with no limitations and well worth the small monthly subscription. The team, including Alex was so helpful from the very beginning, answering all questions and assisting with the integration. Can't recommend these guys enough. Keep up the great service!

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Vývojář Appmate odpověděl 21. listopad 2023

No worries mate... thanks for being a pleasure to work with. Cheers