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5. říjen 2023

Poor customer service. Emailed and received no answer. I then connected via chat and took a while for them to take note of it. Opened a new ticket disregarding any screenshots or descriptions I put before. Did no thorough investigation and came back after two days telling me something I already knew, washing their hands that it was a XERO mistake (clearly wasn't). I re-wrote on an email the issue and asked to escalate. I received a standard response that it will "take a while" and I should upload to XERO manually.

We pay $20/mth for a product that doesn't work and has no solution, unless you sell without Duties and Tax.

King & Tuckfield
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Vývojář BOLD odpověděl 11. říjen 2023

Thank you for your feedback - we are very sorry to hear about the delay in communication you’ve experienced. We can certainly understand how this can be frustrating and take your feedback seriously. I have checked in with our support team and can see that they are currently investigating the issue. We hope to get you back on track soon as possible. Thank you for your patience while the team works to get to the bottom of the issue.

5. říjen 2023

Throws an error and flat out doesn't export orders if the customer name already exists in Xero... Isn't that a pretty basic flaw? We have to manually add orders regularly.

Why we have to pay for this amateurish app with no alternative options and Shopify don't make their own I've never understood.

Three Peaks Challenge Shop
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Vývojář BOLD odpověděl 11. říjen 2023

Thank you for your feedback. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. Our support team has reached out to learn more about the issue you are facing. We hope to get you back on track as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.

Datum úprav: 30. listopad 2020

Bold has made it VERY clear that they don't actually support this app or offer any service for it. As others have mentioned, this app is not compatible with the current version of Safari and Bold has absolutely no plans to fix that (and they will simply string you along with shockingly terrible customer service if you dare to ask). At this point, Xero should permanently ban Bold from having access to their API.

Emerald Energy
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11. listopad 2019

This app is a disgrace. Cannot export anything today. Fails everytime with zero support from Bold. SHOPIFY you need to address this asap as I will be leaving otherwise. The app has been a disaster since Bold took it. And that's putting the ludicrous pricing to one side. Undermines the Shopify product.

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27. květen 2019

Started charging us $59.99/month WITHOUT WARNING for last several months and we just noticed it. We were well under their FREE tier...PLUS no invoices had been exported for the last 2 months anyway. They charged even though we were not using their service! Will be cancelling and uninstalling BOLD's Xero integration ASAP.

Parabolica Press
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26. únor 2019

The new pricing structure feels like extortion! This is a really basic app that often doesn’t work in our experience and now they introduce fees without any justification at levels that seem unreasonably high. Very disappointing given the fees we are already paying to Xero. Very unhappy with this.

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20. únor 2019

Absolutely shocking! I don’t understand the new pricing structure for such a simple function. It’s actually embarrassing that Xero and Shopify would be doing this! Buggy app, not supporting inventory, missing orders! What’s going on with this propel!

Quirky Kid Shoppe
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29. leden 2019

Following the announcement of charging us a fee, I wrote to Bold to tell them I was not ok to pay for something that requested extra work from us monthly. Indeed, broken bank feeds and transactions get lost monthly: one has to fix these manually, this takes time.

Here is their answer: "We understand that there has been a few bugs in the last few months that have caused a ton of manual work from merchants."

Seriously?! So if this has required "tons of manual work for merchants", maybe you should fix your app before charging us!!! I am ok to pay for something that works, not for something that does not work.

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2. duben 2019

We have removed this app and are now using Carry the one.
The Bold app when free was manageable even with dropouts and the paypal issues but now they are charging for it it's not worth it.

Coffea Coffee
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8. duben 2019

Terrible. Like so many others we used this as it was part of the shopify/xero set up. Both shopify and Xero still use the integration as a selling point without point out that it's now a paid for add on. And it doesn't work that well. A blatant attempt to hold their customers over a barrel. We left as soon as the charge came.

The BIB Wine Company
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