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2 april 2024

Easy to install and works great!

Filippo Fanti Photography Art
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10 juli 2024

Easy setup and integration, works great. Best part is completely free!

My Store
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3 mei 2024

Anyones know how to rotate the button 180°?

Addison House
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23 februari 2024

Simple to use and customize.

Coven Streetwear
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6 februari 2024

SUPER easy to install & add to your site

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3 april 2024


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26 april 2024

Very easy to use, its as simple as download and apply! no coding or anything extra required!

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7 mei 2024


Hongkong SAR van China
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6 juni 2024

good,because free

Hongkong SAR van China
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1 augustus 2023

"Scroll to Top" is an application designed to enhance the user experience on long, content-rich websites.

Functionality: The Scroll to Top application is adept at doing exactly what its name suggests. With a simple click, it enables users to navigate back to the top of a webpage, eliminating the need for manual, tedious scrolling. The app is highly functional, integrating a simple yet crucial feature that is helpful for websites with extensive content.

Ease of Use: This application is remarkably user-friendly. Its installation process is straightforward and requires no advanced technical skills. Once installed, a button becomes readily available on your webpage, which upon a single click, scrolls the view back to the top. The simplicity of this feature adds to its ease of use.

Effect on Site Performance: Designed with performance in mind, the Scroll to Top application is optimized to have minimal impact on site loading speeds. It integrates seamlessly into the website's framework without compromising site performance, ensuring that your users have an uninterrupted browsing experience.

Customer Support: The app comes with robust customer support. Queries and issues raised by users are addressed promptly and efficiently, ensuring that users can continue to enjoy the benefits of the app without any prolonged interruptions or issues. The support team is knowledgeable and always ready to help, making the overall user experience very positive.

Overall Experience: The Scroll to Top application enhances the usability of any website by making navigation easier and more efficient. Coupled with excellent customer service and its non-intrusive nature, this app significantly improves the overall user experience. Whether you're a content-heavy blog, an eCommerce platform, or a business site, this application will undoubtedly bring value to your user experience design.

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